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Rude parents -> rude children

A Chinese family was hanging out at my counter today – mother, father and a girl about .. 4yrs old. The father was holding the girl on his back and the next thing I knew, he put the girl onto our shirt table and played with her, encouraging her to hop, dance and run on the spot on the table!

The father thought putting the kid’s dirty shoe prints on our table were art and fun.
I went over to them and told the father, “Excuse me, please don’t stand on the table.”

“Oh, sorry,” he replied automatically like he had done this many times and replied the same un-sorry reply.

He carried the girl away and his wife gave him a shirt to try. While he was trying some shirts, the girl pushed some hangers on the stand and grabbed a hanger, waving it around. The mother told the girl sternly, “No. Put it back.”

The little girl didn’t listen and the mother had to take the hanger from her.

Guess where did the little girl’s bad behaviour come from?

Finding a fitting blazer

A young Chinese couple (mid 20’s) came to my counter and flicked through the 50% blazer suits.

I went over and asked, “Can I help you?”

They just looked at me, then back to the blazer. Then he kept flicking the blazers 1 by 1. The girl said, “He wants to try the blazer.”

“What size?” I asked. I didn’t want them to take out the blazer themselves and dirty the matching pants. I try to give excellent customer service. The operative word: try.

This one,” he pointed to the face out (1st) blazer.

I unhooked the blazer from the hanger and handed to him using both hands. He took it and put his hand in, then bent his other shoulder to fit in the other arm.

Tip 1: To wear a blazer, one needs to put both hands about 35 degrees to the back (from the body up) and then slide the blazer’s sleeves up together.

Then he wanted to try a shirt to see how it would look. He took a M sized shirt and got into the fitting room again.

When he opened the door, he posed for his girlfriend (I assumed she was his girlfriend). He raised his eyebrows, like “how?”

I looked another way to give them privacy and then after some minutes – the girlfriend joined the guy in the fitting room – the girl came out and asked me, “How to wear cuff link shirt with blazer?”

I went over to the blazer hanged and brought a cuff link shirt to show them.

Tip 2: “Some people put the cuff link sleeve outside but some just wear it like any normal shirt – inside.”

She nodded. Then the guy wanted to try another cuff link shirt.

After I brought the other cuff link shirt for him to try, they spent some minutes again inside the fitting room. I thought they were undecided.

The girl came out finally (only the girl, mind you) and asked, “It’s very hard to wear the cuff link shirt. The blazer sleeve always cover the cuff link.” She meant the blazer’s sleeves were longer than the cuff link shirt’s sleeves.

Actually, the guy was horizontally over flourished for his height. So when he wears a blazer for his stomach and body, the sleeves are long for him. However, since our shirts have 2 sleeve sizes – 1 short, the other longer – and he was trying the shorter sleeve size, the cuff links were hidden inside the blazer’s sleeves.

I explained empathically to her, “The blazer’s sleeves are too long so the shirt’s sleeves are hidden inside.”

Tip 3: “If he wears a fitting blazer,” I tapped my wrist to indicate the correct blazer sleeve length, “then it should be ok.” The shirt’s sleeves should be about 1/4″ – 1/2″ longer than the blazer’s sleeves.
She nodded and relayed the message to him inside the fitting room.

In the end, they didn’t buy anything. They just dumped the items he had tried into the bin for tried items.


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