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What tree did you fall from?

Find your birthday and then find your tree. This is really cool and
amazingly accurate.
Then send it to all your friends, including the one that sent it to you,
so they can find out what tree they fell from, but don’t forget to
change the subject line to your tree.

Dec 23 – Jan 01 – Apple Tree
Jan 01 – Jan 11 – Fir Tree
Jan 12 – Jan 24 – Elm Tree

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Yours, mine

There was a customer who wanted 3 pieces of XXL shirts.

My counter has only 2 shirts but not the 3rd one. Whenever we don’t have the size, we would call our shop in the same shopping mall and vice versa. Since we share the commission, we help each other out.

Of course, we’d ask the customer first if he/she want to go over to the shop to exchange. Some customers feel it’s troublesome and preferred to get it from here even though they have to wait for the stock to reach my counter.

“Hi, can help check stock?” I asked the person on the other line after the girl greeted.

“What code?” BlackHairedGal asked.

I gave the code and after keying in the code into their system, she relayed info from the monitor, “Only 1 piece left.”

“Can double confirm 1st & call me back?” It’s dangerous when there is only 1 piece remaining because a customer maybe trying it then or the item is damaged (dirty, torn, missing button, etc) or lost/stolen. Or maybe hasn’t arrived yet.


We hung up and I told the customer, “Please wait for awhile, they need to double confirm. Maybe you can walk around first.”

The customer nodded and looked at other shirts.

After awhile, BlackHairedGal called back, “Got ah..”

“Can exchange?”

“Can, come lar.”

“What size do you want?”

“Hmmm.. XS.”

“I got 1 but I don’t want to give ak,” I laughed.

Sui po!”

“Other sizes leh?”

“XS.. and XL only.”

“Oh, then I give XS lar. We don’t have any size bigger than M.”

So I passed an incorrect size of the same design together with the 2 shirts that he wanted. After payment in department store, he would go over to the shop to exchange a shirt.

When I reached shop for my break, BlackHairedGal told me, “Just now, when your customer came to exchange the shirt, another customer wanted to buy the same shirt.”

“Then how?”

“I gave to your customer lar. ShopMgr asked me, Where is the shirt, just now got 1 piece. I told her exchanged with department store lar. She asked, Why give them?” BlackHairedGal squinted and glared.

Tis is my family

As I was collecting reprints (receipt reprints by the department store), I passed by my own counter and saw a cute girl-woman walking from the opposite direction.

She stopped in her tracks and so did I. She looked familiar! My uncle’s wife!

She pointed at me, “Eh! You are…”

She pondered then exclaimed, “[My father’s name]’s daughter!”

I nodded profusely. I asked her, “Shopping ar?” I saw she had a big plastic bag holding a box.

“Yeah lo. Your uncle is somewhere..”

Just then, her handphone rang and she told the person where she was.

It was my uncle. As he came over, my aunt said to me, “He’s getting fatter hoh?”

I nodded, “Yeah lo. You keep him warm and big. Hahha..”

She laughed too, “No lar! He eat so much!”

We chatted for a long time and I served customers in between.

After they left, 1 of the colleagues/friends working at the department store came over. Let’s call him mmm… ThickOpenLips. :D He’s cute. Ugly and adorable. He reminds me of a thin tall Sesame Street character.

“Who are they? Your friends ar?” he asked.

“No lar. My uk kei yan.”

“Your brother ar?”

“No lar. Ka yan. My father’s father’s elder brother’s son.”

He repeated after me, “Father. Father. Elder brother.”

Suk kung loh!”

“No lar. His son.”

“Ohh.. Ku cheong loh!”

“Yes. So smart you!”

“Of course,” he smiled smugly.

Then another guy came over, this time it was Roger.

“Who are they? Your friends ar?”

ThickOpenLips told him, “I just asked her this.”

Uk kei yan.”

“Let’s ask him,” ThickOpenLips said. “Father. Father. Elder brother. Son.”

“Ha… that is not uk kei yan! Uk kei yan is people staying in your house!” Roger said.

“Not meh? Got blood. Ok la, ka yan (family),” I rolled my eyes.

“Ah Suk lo!” Roger answered so confidently.

“Cho!” ThickOpenLips slashed his forefinger at Roger. “Hee hehe, I smarter.”

Roger looked at ThickOpenLips, “Na!”

ThickOpenLips said to Roger, “Suk kung jai ah! Ku cheong ar!”

Roger thought for awhile and finally agreed, “Yeah lo, ku cheong. Haha!”

Later, GuyFromAnotherDeptStoreOfMyBrand dropped by with his friend.

I immediately leaned over my monitor and the new shirts I was taking out to display. I shouted to the guys, ThickOpenLips at my front left, Roget at my front right.

I gestured towards GuyFromAnotherDeptStoreOfMyBrand. “This is my friend! My ok kei yan! Ka yan ah!”

We all laughed. Except GuyFromAnotherDeptStoreOfMyBrand and his friend.


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