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Carry my pants to the cashier

Serving neighbour’s customer

An Indian man was shopping with his mom and pretty girlfriend.

He was trying our neighbour’s shirt and wanted a size bigger but I couldn’t find any stock – in fact, that design was the only one being displayed. I don’t have access to the store room of theirs so I couldn’t search for the correct size.

I searched for the promoter in the store room, yelling her name but nobody was there.

“I’m sorry, the promoter is away. Can you maybe come back in 15 minutes?

“Where is the promoter?” The mother asked.

“I’m not sure.. maybe to the toilet,” I shrugged.

They put on sour faces.

“But I want the pants,” the guy said. He was looking down at his feet and hem of the pants.

“Do you want alteration? It will be 1 hr after payment,” I told him.
“Yes, yes.”

“1 hr is ok?”


I took out my measurement tape and prepared to take the pants length but he closed the door.

I asked his mother, “Does he need alteration? If yes, I need to measure the pants length.”

The mother yelled to the son in their native language.

The fitting room’s door opened.

After I had measured the pants’ length, the mother said, “We can come back tomorrow to take the pants.”

“Yes, can.”

After I had printed the memo and attached it together with the 50% pants, I passed the pants to them.

“After you pay, please bring back the pants for alteration,” I told them.

When the mother is being b*tchy 

The mother asked pointedly, “Why can’t you take my pants to the cashier?”

She wasn’t carrying much. Just his shirt – which I had so kindly opened a memo from my neighbour. I didn’t have to do that!

I pointed to the cashier at the end of the aisle, using my thumb. “Because I can’t leave my counter.”

My part timer’s shift had actually ended but I needed him to put the new stock into the store room and correct his mistake. It would calculated into his pay of course. So I had to be in my own counter in case there was any customer.

“Why can’t you give me the form at the cashier? You take the pants lar.”

I repeated the same thing with a smile, “I’m the only one person here,” I waved at the selling floor.

I would have carried the pants to the cashier had she been polite, like “Can you please help me carry these to the cashier?”

It wasn’t because I was looking down at her for buying cheap stuff. If she were nice or bought a lot of things from me, I’d carry the stuff to any cashier she wanted. Let’s face it, if you are willing to pay more, you’ll probably get more services.

FYI, not all companies provide pants length alteration FOC. And they bought a 50% item, for goodness sake! Not a RM140 pants! And she expected me to carry her discount pants from not my brand to the cashier?! How rude and arrogant.


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