Sometimes I wonder what my dog can see. Or barking at. There is nothing there! Visible to my eye that is.. Everynight, at 1 point, she would bark non-stop. Looking at neighbour’s dark porch. Sometimes she’d be quiet after either bro or I come out to check. Most of the time, not. Until I show… Continue reading Barking

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Spastic Children’s Association

Yesterday, while eating cheese and rapsberry+peanut jam toast with PotatoGal at Times Square, a guy from college approached us and invited himself – actually he didn’t ask if he could sit down with us, which was a bit impolite but he must have been tired from walking and talking whole day – to talk about… Continue reading Spastic Children’s Association


To and from

I entered a Happy Feet contest from newspaper. I pasted it onto a postcard and wrote my details on the middle-left. The To address? I just cut it and pasted it vertically as there wasn’t enough space already! I wrote a To with a circle around To. The next day or so, I received the… Continue reading To and from


Bullies at work

While at Popular, I read an article on Office Bullies. It was a short article but the coloured area was enough to catch my attention as I was flipping through the pages for pictures. :) It noted (I forgot which magazine it was..) the types of bullies at work: always tired and telling their health… Continue reading Bullies at work

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Visiting ex-colleagues Part 4

So, AmazonWoman and I went for yamcha 1st but we were undecided on where to eat drink. We walked over to Chili’s, passing Kim Gary. I asked her, “Or want to eat here? Since we don’t eat and can’t drink much (only 2 of us then, PotatoGal would join us later)..” “Also ok.” “Ahh.. we… Continue reading Visiting ex-colleagues Part 4