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I had my braces adjusted for this month. It wasn’t that painful as the last time when dentist pulled the existing wire out but now, it feels.. it sucks.

There’s this constant dull ache on my jaw. I can’t bite, except soft Cheezels at my most back teeth. And that’s also after I pushed the Cheezel to the wall of my mouth with my tongue to flatten it.

But to my surprise, my lower right side is straight and there’s no gap anymore! :D


Sometimes I wonder what my dog can see. Or barking at. There is nothing there! Visible to my eye that is..

Everynight, at 1 point, she would bark non-stop. Looking at neighbour’s dark porch. Sometimes she’d be quiet after either bro or I come out to check. Most of the time, not. Until I show the mouth piece which she now knows it’s to shut her up. Or when bro takes the rottan stick out. He claimed, “I don’t hit her. Just the floor.” But it sounded (the whip on the floor) horrible. Violent.

But if she doesn’t bark at all, that would be a bad sign of a guard dog.

Still, it’s getting better. She would calm down after we come out to check. Until she sees a cat.

Sogo warehouse sale

Wanting to find shorts, bag for work & leisure as well as hard paper boxes, I really looked fwd to going to Sogo’s warehouse sale.

After window shopping at Times Square – lots of new stores up – I went to Sogo while PotatoGal went home. I also wanted to go to Mont Kiara’s Thurs Nite Market but it rained as I reached Sogo. Mont Kiara had to wait..

Lots of people took the lift up to 7th floor. I had to wait 4 rounds till I managed to get in.

As usual with all warehouse sale, no bags allowed inside. I put my bag with Sogo’s staff. There’s a book for list of names and contact numbers as well as tag’s number.

Lots of people. Most of the clothes were a heap on the offer bins. Bags! Aiyer, I couldn’t find a suitable bag. There was a black Polo bag with 2 straps over shoulder (like schoolbag) which I like but the straps were a bit thin. Cut shoulder if I had to carry it for a long time. Slingbag? None that I liked. Lots of bra though. Compared to Jusco’s, this 1 has more variety but higher price even after discount.

At Ground floor, there was a Clinique promotion and Shoes & Bags Fair. I checked out some bags again.. there was a corduroy black sling bag about RM40. Mmm.. now I’m not sure if I should get the 1 from Times Square or this. I shall wait for Living Cabin’s sale for the hard paper boxes. :)

I left Sogo without getting anything I came for. :(

s I waited for the Kommuter train, I dozed off. There were announcements of delayed schedule again! When I woke up, my train came but it was full. Next train… it was full but at least I managed to get a space for standing.


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