Where are my stapler and calculator?!

A few months back, my counter had lost its stapler.

Neighbour was so kind to lend me her personal stapler but she put her brand’s name on it.

A few weeks using hers, I think, it was stolen!

So we used cellopane tape to attach memo to the barcode tag for customer.

Yesterday, after I came back to work from my Off Day, I couldn’t find the calculator! I asked BlackHairedGal who was at my counter on my Off Day and she claimed, “I couldn’t find the calculator also!!”

I scratched my head. I was still using the calculator on the day before I had Off Day…

I asked the promoters I knew, “Have you seen my light gray calculator?”

Everyone answered, “No.”

I stalked around Men’s floor, checking out which counter has the same calculator model. Quite a lot of brands use it apparently. Next time I must ask company to provide a weird/special model! If it’s lost, I can find it easier..

I even flipped 1 of the calculator I saw, nearby my brand. The part timer asked his gang, “Apa perempuan buat tu?”

I kept going but couldn’t find my calculator! GRRR!

*akimbo* If I find the thief, I’m going to punch him/her!

When I was asking Blondie, she told me she hadn’t seen my calculator. I asked her, “Can lend me your calculator?”

She said, “Yes.”

She has 2 calculators. In aqua. :)

But I returned it back to her after using it for several minutes – just in case I lost hers.

When I asked AmazonWoman, she shouted, “My calculator also got stolen 2 weeks ago! I searched whole floor also couldn’t find! It’s the same as yours! Hmph! IF I FIND THE THIEF, I’LL CHO KAO SEI KUI!”

“IF YOU FIND YOURS, CHO KAO SEI KUI!” she advised me.

“OF COURSE!” *fist*

Today, the calculator came back on its own. When part timer came to work in the morning, he found the calculator inside the cupboard! Someone must have returned it.. We didn’t manage to find out who though…

When I went over to Blondie’s counter, she was expressing her displeasure with sharing commission but (she felt) not workload with her Roger. Roger was her part timer (no commission) but became full timer (got commission) since Oct.

Then I grabbed her brand’s stapler since there were 2 staplers, next to each other. I checked the ink markers. There was a faint mark of my brand! WTH?!

I flicked the stapler and saw the inside was written with her brand on both inner sides. BUT THE OUTSIDE IS MY BRAND’S NAME! Albeit in very faint ink…

I asked Blondie pointedly, “Why is my stapler here?”


I showed her the faint markings of my brand.

“I don’t know woh. This is your stapler meh?” she asked. She looked like I was just asking something normal when she knew I was damn pissed off about people taking my brand’s things as their own without my/my brand’s staff permission. That’s called STEALING!

“Yeah lar!” I retorted.

“I don’t know woh. Roger took one.”


She nodded.

I took my stapler back to my counter. I added my brand’s name on the outer and cellotaped it. I didn’t erase her brand from the inside 1st.

When Roger came back from his break, I grabbed his arm and showed my stapler to him. “Who took my stapler?” I showed the inside as well.

“I didn’t take ah! My rotateker took one! No wonder my counter has 1 extra stapler lah!”

“Then why didn’t you check who it belongs to?!”

“How I know?”

How could he and Blondie not know? They still have good eyesight! They had been using MY stapler for months! I was livid! I had, never, ever thought they would do such thing! Didn’t they check the extra stapler when they knew they suddenly had extra stapler?! Why didn’t they ask me if it was that stapler when I went over to ask them if they had seen my stapler?!

Update: I’m alright – Blondie and I are back as friends after 1 week I had stopped working. We had more happy memories than bad so why let this incident spoil our friendship? It was just a stapler anyway.. and we had taken other brands sensors – as they had taken our sensors but some brands only use own sensors.

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