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Rising Above

To donate: To create awareness of the plight of children in distress – and raise funds to help them – Rising Above has launched a two-month SMS campaign. Until 10 December we are asking members of the public to SMS donations of just RM3, RM7 or RM10.Here’s what to do. Type RA 3 or 7… Continue reading Rising Above


Laksa Shack Cafe

Ever since Laksa Shack Cafe opened a bright outlet in Mid Valley (previously occupied by Nasi lemak or sth), I had been wanting to try it out. During the opening week, they had some sort of promotion – which I didn’t get! Finally ate it before I left previous company, with PotatoGal. We were actually… Continue reading Laksa Shack Cafe

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Is the customer always right?

The customer is always right – more about this phrase in The Phrase Finder, whoever nutcase practice this   It must have been phrased by a company who wants to get customers’ approval just from agreeing with everything the customers want/say. How illogical. What if the customer is abusing his or her rights? Rude, bad… Continue reading Is the customer always right?


So much to do, so little time

BlackHairedGal had asked us to join yamcha. Half of us in good graces had morning shift. It was actually her birthday! We were so looking forward to yamcha together and she wanted to go to Steven’s Corner. Unfortunately, we at Department store had lots of stock. I still had 7 cartons of stock from Sat… Continue reading So much to do, so little time


Sharon Sala – Whippoorwill

I was reading this book while I was waiting for the Komuter train after work. Roger saw me and joined me, sitting on the floor against the wall. We were both tired from standing whole day. “What are you reading?” he asked. “So into the book, I see.” “Mmm.. story. About a prostitute and the… Continue reading Sharon Sala – Whippoorwill

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Out with the old

Clearing out clutter. It’s at the back of my mind, always haunting me but I’d been procastinating. Bad, bad. Finally, I had time. Ok, the previous times were all mostly excuses. I found 2 song books from primary and secondary. I was more diligent writing lyrics than studying, from what I saw in the song… Continue reading Out with the old