Laksa Shack Cafe

Ever since Laksa Shack Cafe opened a bright outlet in Mid Valley (previously occupied by Nasi lemak or sth), I had been wanting to try it out. During the opening week, they had some sort of promotion – which I didn’t get!

Finally ate it before I left previous company, with PotatoGal. We were actually heading to Makan Place to save money for meal and get drinks. But we smelled the heavenly food.. not sure if the smell was a combination of Chicken Rice Shop or Laksa or ..?

I asked the waiter, “Got promotion?”

He flipped the menu to the Promotion page. Free dessert & drink. We were sold!

We got a seat and checked out which free dessert & drink we could get.

“I want ahh… Ipoh white coffee. Hot!”

“Eh, got ABC ah!”

“Yeah, got cendol also. Eh, we order different food, then we can share.”

Nod, nod.

“I’ll get cendol.”

Then we asked the waiter, “Any dessert and drink also can?”

He mumbled something.

“Des set is [I forgot what but it wasn’t something I liked]”.




PotatoGal told me, “Air sirap ah. Pink colour one ah.”


I told the waiter, “We see first.” I made the stop gesture.

“Yuh, I don’t want the promotion luh.” I flipped the menu back to the 1st page. Lots of laksa pictures. *drool* “Very hungry! But which 1 is nice?!”

“Yeah lor!”

I finally had Curry Laksa & Ipoh White Coffee. PotatoGal had Asam Laksa and iced Ipoh White Coffee + cincau. The waiter mixed up our order and gave me a cold Ipoh White Coffee, which we told the other waiter and got the correct one later..

Yuummm.. the curry laksa was bright orange. I feared I couldn’t handle it. My mascara would come out… Snot would come out.. But it wasn’t as hot & spicy as I thought. :)

The Asam Laksa was nice, sour but not enough fish.

My Ipoh White Coffee was tastier than iced Ipoh White Coffee + cincau. Probably because the ice melted the taste in the cold version.

PotatoGal said, “Near my house is even better lah!” She’s from nearby Ipoh.

You know what Malaysians always say once you mention Ipoh.

“Ipoh girls are very pretty arh!”

Asam Laksa  7.90

Curry Laksa  7.90 too

Iced Ipoh White Coffee + Cincau  4.90

Ipoh White Coffee  3.90

Gov Tax  5%

Serv Charge 5% at least another waiter brought lots of tissue papers when the lime in my fingers got squeezed and flew onto my blouse then to the other side of the table. :)

I would have to say that I’ve eaten better Curry Laksa but if you eat at shopping malls, the price is reasonable. The drink is double Makan Place though. However, you can’t get  Ipoh White Coffee @ Makan Place..

4 thoughts on “Laksa Shack Cafe

  1. semasa saya makan laksa asam di laksa shack cawangan jaya jusco taman maluri terdapat telor lalat, oleh yang demikian saya tidak berpuas hati dengan cara layanan staff semasa mengambil komplen saya pada masa tu, dan dalam masa yang sama juga tiada borang komplen untuk pelanggan isi, ini menunjukkan pihak syarikat tidak menitik beratkan kebersihan cafe dan tidak mengambil berat di atas komplen dari pelanggan,

    di harap pihak laksa shack mengambil tindakkan dengan segera



  2. i juz asking could you give me an information about how to open diz kind of cafe, i mean open a francise same as laksa shake. give me a reply as soon as posibble.


  3. saya sedang mencari cawangan laksa shake cafe di sekitar selangor & kl. ada sesape yg bole bgtau, kalu boleh, sy nk yg sekitar shah alam or damansara.


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