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Out with the old

Clearing out clutter. It’s at the back of my mind, always haunting me but I’d been procastinating. Bad, bad.

Finally, I had time. Ok, the previous times were all mostly excuses.

I found 2 song books from primary and secondary. I was more diligent writing lyrics than studying, from what I saw in the song books heh! I wondered why didn’t I channel those time into besting a classmate who was snotty. We competed in Art mostly. Coz that was the only subject I was better than her in primary school. :p How childlish.

Anyway, the song books were carefully wrapped – with cuttings of my favourite singers then. Belinda Carlisle pouting, Tommy Page smouldering, Debbie (now known as Deborah) Gibson smiling. And I’m ashamed to admit, NKOTB. My taste changed from bubble gum pop (in primary school) to rock (in 2ndary school). More edgy pictures there. I think by Form 3, I had lost the interest in cutting all the lyrics that I wanted in Galaxie and writing word by word down. Thank God! *musing* If only Internet were invented earlier…

Although all the songs are outdated, I didn’t have the heart to throw them away.. Yeah, I’m a sucker for memorabilia.. I still have some t-shirts I had printed in Art classes in the corner of my cupboard, gathering yellow stain. They were my hard work! But once I have taken the pictures of the books, I’d send them to recycling bin. Anyone want to give something back to the society? Now’s the time to send me your scanner. Or digital camera. :)

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