Sharon Sala – Whippoorwill

I was reading this book while I was waiting for the Komuter train after work.

Roger saw me and joined me, sitting on the floor against the wall. We were both tired from standing whole day.

“What are you reading?” he asked. “So into the book, I see.”

“Mmm.. story. About a prostitute and the losers in a small town.”

eHarlequin - Sharon Sala - Whippoorwill I was only at the starting of the book and I was squinting – the thick book was in really fine print! I wondered why mom borrowed this book coz she only borrows big fonts book. As I read the book, it became more interesting as the corrupted and noble characters’ lives intertwined.

Lots of eccentric characters and funny lines that I didn’t expect but the lines express the characters really well. :D

My favourite character would be Eulis, the drunk. Joe (Breed) and gusty ah.. the redhead pretending to be a boy.

Oh, I had actually read another book of hers under Dinah McCall – Bloodlines several months back but didn’t blog about it.

Rating: 4/5

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