So much to do, so little time

BlackHairedGal had asked us to join yamcha. Half of us in good graces had morning shift. It was actually her birthday!

We were so looking forward to yamcha together and she wanted to go to Steven’s Corner.

Unfortunately, we at Department store had lots of stock. I still had 7 cartons of stock from Sat unchecked. They were in Operations Exec’s room. He was afraid the new Branch Manager would scold him. This new BM is crazy. He disallow any sight of cartons (boxes) or plastic or papers on the selling floor, even though the stock just arrived or we need to check stock or replenish stock. We feel like kicking his balding head everytime we see and mention him.

I had asked OE if I could keep the cartons there till Monday and he said ok. By late noon on Monday, the boxes were still there. I had to remove the boxes from his room.

As Sunday, the previous day was the last day of sale, I had to keep all the sales items and transfer them out to warehouse. As usual, I had to take out the sensors, fold the clothes back and then scan them out as well as generate DN, then fill up transfer out forms, get security to sign on the cartons, then get 2 more bigshots to sign. Phew…

To make the day more challenging, ShopMgr sent a staff from shop who had never been to department store before. Hence, I had to teach her how to scan for promotions and generate memo as well as exchange. We needed to rush to finish the transfer out task too so I taught her that too. The training wouldn’t be complete without going to the store room and going to the cashier’s place to take out sensors. All these take time. While I was training her, the counter I was assigned to was left unattended.

Who cares? ShopMgr made the time table. If she cared about the counter being attended all the time – in case the Mystery Shopper comes, she wouldn’t have made such time table where someone (yours truly) had to be somewhere else (at another counter) training another staff (whom ShopMgr said, “We will train them at shop 1st.” Hah).

Even after my shift finished, I still had to rearrange the store room after checking the 7 cartons. PotatoGal helped to put most of the stocks into the storeroom. She didn’t want to.

Earlier, while I was attending to her counter, I had singlehandedly transferred (read: carried) all her cartons full of stock into the fitting room (because we had to hide the cartons from plain views of the Branch Mgr). They were really heavy. I hoped I had more muscles before I rest… hehe.

When she came to work, I told her, “Your cartons are in the fitting room.”

“Who moved there?”

“Me lar!” I pumped my fist onto my chest. No lar… I only raised my head a bit higher like an eagle.


She added, “Used trolley is it?”

“No ah! Use my own hands arh!” I showed my hands palms opened. They were in pink-ash colour. I looked at my own hands and sleeves of my uniform, “Eeee… so dirty.”

So since I had put so much energy in transferring all of her cartons into the fitting room, she had to move my stock into the store room la. Haha. :D

I had already informed ShopMgr of the issue about cartons in the selling floor. She said she would ask VM Dept if there were any more cupboards. That would be great. Then our store room wouldn’t be overfilled with stock. During the weekends, I had to put 8 cartons at the aisle of our racks. And that time, we still had 8 cartons in OE’s room leh.

Thank goodness the newbie is a fast leaner and clever. :D

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