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Supper @ Island Cafe

We picked up PotatoGal’s part timer 1st at her apartment. As we were waiting for her, a voluptous Indonesian or Malay woman in tight t shirt and equally tight jeans came out. At the same time, Ralph called PotatoGal. We shouted to Ralph, “Eh your girlfriend came out lar. Waiting for  you. Faster open the… Continue reading Supper @ Island Cafe

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My last day at retail apparel counter

On my last day of work, I had noon shift – I requested noon shift as I had to adjust braces in the morning. But, the day before, I was getting sick – feeling like I wanted to vomit. So I slept pretty much of my last day of work’s morning and rearranged the dentist… Continue reading My last day at retail apparel counter

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1 blazer design only?

Requesting more colour Shirts In a previous season, I forgot which season, when we didn’t have orange, peach, pink and aqua solid shirts, I had called Assistant Buyer about it. “Yeah, your counter don’t have, ” Assistant Buyer confirmed. “All stock out already ma, that’s all you’ll have lor.” “Cannot request ar? Check which outlet… Continue reading 1 blazer design only?