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Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The book Linda Goodman – Sun Signs I am reading? It’s actually Star Signs. Duh! No wonder.. I remembered Sun Signs was about Virgo, Aries, all that..

Read so much about Nikola Tesla for AC (Alternate Current) here. Mom said in The Prestige, he was mentioned too, for creating a machine that enables copy of whatever gets into the machine. I read his bio in Wikipedia. Amazing. Now why did we learn more about Thomas Edison than Nikola Tesla?


Last week, bro, his gf and I brought Lassie (spelling will be changed soon – the number is not good or sth according to Numerology) to get shot for vaccination.

There was a small white fluffy dog, those Shih Tzu or similar breed, barking once it saw our puppy. That dog’s head had a tree, tied with a pink (!) ribbon. We checked it’s bum bum. It was a he. He must be a metrosexual dog, enough to wear the pink ribbon anyway. A lot of guys declare outright “I would NEVER EVER wear pink! So gay!”

Our puppy, although bigger than him about thrice, hid behind us. Chicken.

After the vaccination, the vet (reminds me of a classmate) explained about heartworm disease. We decided to get a shot too, to relief us of remembering to give the pill to doggie.

As they were giving her shots, they kept feeding her treats. 1 of the trio said, “Give so much, afterwards vomit in the car, then you know.”

He was right.

On the way back, almost reaching home, doggie looked weird, making weird sounds and lied on my right thigh. She always love to get pampered, lying on top while we scratch her belly. We no longer call her puppy or baby because she’s so big already. It would be like the parents calling their son Baby Boy in Sharon Sala – Whippoorwill :)

Then, lots of brown fluid poured onto my jeans at knee. Ah! Eww.. She vomited small chunks of food. I quickly grabbed the newspaper and wiped the vomit from bro’s gf’s car. She didn’t vomit again but drank lots of water when she reached home. Poor girl..

Where is Bangsa Malaysia?

Is there such thing as Bangsa Malaysia in politic? Does it mean Malaysians?

When Bangsa Malaysia or Malaysians exist, just the name, is it really meaningful? Because there are injustice treatment to different races – Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera. As long as there is injustice, there will always be debate about what defines Bangsa Malaysia or Malaysians.

But Bangsa Malaysia is not without its purpose. It’s a (another) starting point for us to become better, united as one. Which we should, as Malaysians. Then do we need “Bangsa* Malaysia”? Why not just use the term “Malaysian”?

The Bangsa Malaysia debate: No Bangsa Malaysia in Constitution, says Najib

* bangsa = race.


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