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Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The book Linda Goodman – Sun Signs I am reading? It’s actually Star Signs. Duh! No wonder.. I remembered Sun Signs was about Virgo, Aries, all that.. Read so much about Nikola Tesla for AC (Alternate Current) here. Mom said in The Prestige, he was mentioned too, for creating a machine that enables copy of… Continue reading Linda Goodman’s Star Signs


Where is Bangsa Malaysia?

Is there such thing as Bangsa Malaysia in politic? Does it mean Malaysians? When Bangsa Malaysia or Malaysians exist, just the name, is it really meaningful? Because there are injustice treatment to different races – Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera. As long as there is injustice, there will always be debate about what defines Bangsa Malaysia or… Continue reading Where is Bangsa Malaysia?