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The Covenant

I actually wanted to watch The Departed to see how it differs from Infernal Affairs – which that Martin Scorsese claimed he didn’t copy from the Hong Kong hit. Flushed Away, probably a happy animation movie is another movie I want to watch.

Glitter suddenly sms me and I told him I would be going to exit interview, then to KLCC. Originally, I wanted to go to MV today – GSC has Wed special RM7 for all movies but I heard Planet told me that Jusco in MV would be having Member’s Day tomorrow! Why didn’t I get the news?! Then I called PotatoGal to ask if she were free to go shopping. PotatoGal told me, “I heard it was 16 wohh..”

Double confirmed with Planet. 16th. Not tomorrow. So I changed my destination from KLCC then MV to KLCC only. :)

Glitter asked me, “Eh, what are you doing now?”

“Later going to nearby KLCC. Got exit interview.”

“Ha? Got interview? Eh, I heard you resigned ar?”

“Yeah. Whenever we resign, company requires us to go for exit interview. Else we can’t get our last month’s salary.”

“Mars told me you resign already.. So where – ahh.. I’m waiting for bus to IKEA but I’ve been waiting for a long time already, also don’t have.”

“Do you want to join me for movie at KLCC then?”

“Mmm ok lar. What movie do you want to watch?”

I flipped through the newspaper. Immediately found the cinema listing page :)


Flushed Away

“Flush apa?”

“Flushed Away. Animation.”

“What else? Covenant?”

“Mm.. Covenant also ok lar…” I replied somewhat reluctantly. I read the review on NST. From what I can see (posters), it’s more eye candy movie than action or thriller. It has 4 muscular guys with unbelievably long curled eyelashes in a swim team.

“But I have to go for interview 1st lar.. then only I meet you. The movie is at 155 and 4 sth,” I continued.
“Ha? So late arr..”

“Or we can go for movie 1st then I go for interview lor.”

“Ok lar, I’ll go straight to KLCC and buy ticket.”

When I reached there, Glitter was wearing a tight t-shirt (the better to show off his nipples muscles) and cotton knee length pants.

“Aiya, I’ll sure be cold lar in the cinema,” he said. “I didn’t bring any jacket.”

“Too bad lar. I’m not a guy.”

There will be lots of horror movies coming..

SonyPictures - The Covenant

Sony Pictures – The Covenant

Lots of pretty boys and girls. Fighting scenes between Caleb and Chaseis like characters in 90’s computer game.

Don’t those rich schools have money to install lighting?


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