Where’s my birthday present?

I had this colleague from IT MNC firm who is… well, quite elaborate. :)

I didn’t commit his birthday into my memory and only found out about it via net services, either BirthdayAlarm or Ringo. The day after his birthday.

Rainbow : aiyo, FullLips.. happy belated birthday!
FullLips : thanks…
FullLips : my present?
Rainbow : greed is a sin
FullLips : i’m not greedy..
FullLips : i just want one present
Rainbow : 1 present is greedy
FullLips : like that meh
FullLips : so when u coming?
FullLips : then u can get me a belated birthday present lor… hahaha…
FullLips : anyway just remember to bring my present lor….

He was talking about present. Not birthday cake.

Other people should be the one giving birthday cake to the birthday person. Present is another thing. Angpao is altogether another tradition. In some Chinese culture, elderly gives angpao to youngsters on their birthday. Not to accept is like insulting the elderly – at least to my paternal grandmother anyway.

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