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Visiting a relative

Daily Horoscope
Sunday Nov 12, 2006

You’ll be changeable today but that’s a good thing. It will keep everyone around you on their toes and you in an excellent position. Family outings or socializing with friends will prove interesting.

Today, I visited a relative from my father’s side. She has recurring breast cancer.

Nobody knew the exact way to her house. We found out that she had cancer from another relative, who said this aunt’s lips were blackish, really terrible. Father had contacted Aunt but he didn’t ask if she would be at home if we were to visit her!

On that morning we were going to visit Aunt, Father called Aunt again but no one picked up the phone. Uh huh.. Mom tried our source of info and got another relative’s number who lives next door. Nobody picked that up either.

Then the neighbour relative called us back and said Aunt went to the supermarket and would come back shortly. So we continued our way after picking up 1stAunt. My father’s side of the family is quite big.. compared to mom’s.

We got lost there. But the neighbour’s relative found us! :) Lucky!! Actually, we got the wrong address. Even the Taman was wrongly spelt :)

The town house was confusing. There was a fence at the house sides.. Someone told us that the neighbour lives below Aunt, someone said he lives beside Aunt. Arr??

Turned out the entrance for upstairs is on the left side while the ground floor’s (downstairs) entrance is on the right side. The housing plan is like L terbalik. Use your imagination :P

Aunt greeted us at her staircase. Grandmother ogled at another girl at lawn of the other side.

“Who is that? His girl- wife ar?” Grandmother asked Aunt, being herself as a number 8 (8 po = busy body)

“Yeah, already married 2 years. No wedding dinner,” Aunt explained.

“Oh,” grandmother replied.

Brother has a theory that the less events grandmother gets invited to, the less her income.

Aunt explained that she had recurring breast cancer. Earlier she had gone through chemotheraphy and was ok but she found out she had it again! She’ll be going to China for further treatment, “to prolong life. What can I do? Already went to so many hospitals and check. Now want to take the chance. Some people say it’s fake. But the patient who went there and died had already been told by doctor that he/she had 6 months to live only. Wanted to try there and already lived 1 yr plus, then why blame the hospital? If now still have chance, at least .. ” she nodded, “have better chance of survival.”

She’s using her EPF to treat her cancer.

She probably doesn’t have insurance. Sigh.. Had she had insurance for female diseases, she needn’t fork out so much money.

Her fun cheong husband even smoked in the room! Bastard! Such a selfish person. Doesn’t he know smoking – even secondhand smoking – affects cancer?

They have 4 young children. Who is going to take care of them if the mother is really not available (at hospital or *touch wood* …) ?

Aunt asked us to stay for lunch outside but we declined. Grandmother and 1stAunt told her, “Don’t move so much lar, stay at home and rest.” Grandmother does that. Whenever she has leg pain, she lies on the stretcher and doesn’t exercise. Then she would complain back pain. We had told her to move around a bit but she preferred to be the Queen.

Aunt countered, “I must move everyday. If not, the nerve and muscle will become smaller,” she put her forefinger and middle finger together,  “then it’s even worse!”

As we left, the adults (ahem, I didn’t even think of it, bad of me!) passed some money to her.

“NO! Don’t want!!!” Aunt pushed the money back to my parents.

“No lar, just for leisure lar. Give your children have fun.”

Finally Aunt took the money but when my grandmother passed money to her, they broke down. “Don’t want, I won’t take from you!”

“Take lar, I have money..”

“Don’t want!!”

“Take lar.. aiya,” Grandmother sobbed silently.

Then Aunt leaned on her back and sobbed too. My eyes also watered…

“You no need lar,” my mom told grandmother. Finally, grandmother kept her money.

“Think positive,” mom told her firmly. Father echoed the same.

“Good luck,” I wished her.

“Don’t worry. I will fight!”

That’s the spirit! :D She has more optimisme than the rest of us.

Secret Recipe – Durian Durian cake

After the movie Death Note, we were undecided on what to eat.

“What do you want to eat?” I asked mom. She asked me.

“Err.. I want to eat those bad food. Cake. Strudel’s,” I admitted. I pressed my hand to my stomach.

“Then let’s eat lar.”

“Cannot! We must eat food good for us!” But we couldn’t think of any good food then…

We went to Secret Recipe.

1 of the staff displayed a new Durian Durian cake! :D
I’d have that!

“Heaty ah! Pimples arh!” Mom said sternly.

“You are the one who said if crave, must eat!”

It’s not as tasty as the 1st time we had it.

Then we looked at the display. The Durian Durian cake was uncut! Meaning my slice had come from another old cake?!

But it still tasted fresh..

Death Note

Currently, there are 2 movies of Death Note – The Begining, which is showing in local cinemas now and Last Name, just released in Japan.

Official site –

WarnerBros.JP – Death Note

There was a young couple sitting beside me, they kept talking with each other during the previews and at the starting of the movie.

Guy: Why do you speak Mandarin when we go out (dating?)?

Girl: Yeah meh?

Guy: Yeah, don’t you find speaking in Mandarin kek shui (difficult)?

Bet this guy is not Mandarin educated but the girl is.

Girl: No ah.

I glared at them in the dark. They didn’t notice me.


They continued to whisper but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

When the movie had started a few seconds, 2 groups of people shushed, “Shhhhh!” and everyone kept their mouth shut. :D

If the couple beside me still continued to whisper, I’d turn to them and speak aloud, “Can you please keep quiet? If you want to chat and date, please find another seat.”

The character that entertains most is expressive Ryuk. An apple a day, keeps Ryuk from banging his head on the roof. :) L’s actor looks like 1 of my colleague! They even love the same sweet food!

Light sounds like a cross between a woman and a man.

Lots of twists. :)
Wikipedia – Death Note (contain spoilers)

Rating: 4/5


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