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Visiting a relative

Daily Horoscope Sunday Nov 12, 2006 You’ll be changeable today but that’s a good thing. It will keep everyone around you on their toes and you in an excellent position. Family outings or socializing with friends will prove interesting. Today, I visited a relative from my father’s side. She has recurring breast cancer. Nobody knew… Continue reading Visiting a relative

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Secret Recipe – Durian Durian cake

After the movie Death Note, we were undecided on what to eat. “What do you want to eat?” I asked mom. She asked me. “Err.. I want to eat those bad food. Cake. Strudel’s,” I admitted. I pressed my hand to my stomach. “Then let’s eat lar.” “Cannot! We must eat food good for us!”… Continue reading Secret Recipe – Durian Durian cake

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Death Note

Currently, there are 2 movies of Death Note – The Begining, which is showing in local cinemas now and Last Name, just released in Japan. Official site – WarnerBros.JP – Death Note There was a young couple sitting beside me, they kept talking with each other during the previews and at the starting of the… Continue reading Death Note