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Visiting ex-colleagues Part 4

So, AmazonWoman and I went for yamcha 1st but we were undecided on where to eat drink.

We walked over to Chili’s, passing Kim Gary. I asked her, “Or want to eat here? Since we don’t eat and can’t drink much (only 2 of us then, PotatoGal would join us later)..”

“Also ok.”

“Ahh.. we go to Yoyo lar.” Kim Gary was full inside. Outside is for those who want to inhale cigarette smoke and dirt from construction.

We chatted awhile then I noticed the new BranchMgr of department store was sitting at the other side with another younger woman.

AmazonWoman hated his (lack of) guts. He had many rules. 1) Those who disobey or talk back with him or his staff would be given Warning or OUT (forcing you to resign or get transferred to other outlets). 2) No boxes 3) No rubbish bin 4) No papers and plastics 5) No indecent exposure

But he wouldn’t tell you so himself, even if he saw it. Except 1 incident where he was starring at our counter and then told BlackHairedGal in English to throw the rubbish bin away. A sight for sore eyes. BlackHairedGal named him RubbishBin. Haha. AmazonWoman named him Hamsup.

Then newbie Month came over, she passed by us and kept looking around. Looking for me or another person? I wanted to tease her but I didn’t have her number. She called someone then PotatoGal called me, “Eh, Month said couldn’t see you? Where are you?”

“Haha. I saw her ak! She called you leh? When are you coming?”

“Coming.. check stock ah. Got who else?”

“Amazon Woman lo.”

“Ha? Why got her?”

“Ah…” How did she want me to explain right in front of AmazonWoman? Some people dislike conversing with AmazonWoman because of her 1 track view (only she is right but she’s called outspoken) and mouth. But she is a nice person actually.
I waved Month over… finally she saw me!

“I didn’t see you ah!!” Month exclaimed. :D

After introducing them to each other, PotatoGal came.

Someone sitting in a table behind us kept shaking his leg or body. I turned to find the culprit. A Chinese stocky guy was shaking his leg and body.

I slapped the sofa’s back quite loudly. “Someone at the back table shaking!”

PotatoGal looked taken aback, “What?”

“Someone is shaking the table ah.”

The shaking stopped.

I told them the couple at the cinema for Death Note.

AmazonWoman snorted, “Hah! Las time, night, I took my 2 nephews to see King Kong. They were so jakun!”

“Mama, you said take us see King Kong, also don’t have King Kong. Mama, where is King Kong?”

“Arrhh!! KING KONG AHHHH!!!” AmazonWoman mimicked her nephews, she cupped her eyes with her palms.

“The whole cinema can hear both of them! So paiseh! I scolded them, separate them from chatting with each other! Next time won’t take them out!!”

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