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Spastic Children’s Association

Yesterday, while eating cheese and rapsberry+peanut jam toast with PotatoGal at Times Square, a guy from college approached us and invited himself – actually he didn’t ask if he could sit down with us, which was a bit impolite but he must have been tired from walking and talking whole day – to talk about donation.

“Don’t worry, I’m not selling anything,” he said.

He showed us his folder of Spastic Children and explained that Spastic Children’s Association needed donation for the children’s welfare. “RM10 for 1 child’s 1 week expenses – food, clothing all.”

I read some of the printed/photostated info from the folder then asked for his IC to double check.

“I wouldn’t con you,” he said.

PotatoGal laughed, like she wasn’t sure to trust him or not.

I was tempted to call the number listed but no more batt. Anyway, if he misuse the donated money, he’d have hell to payback for. :p


A “spastic” is a person with cerebral palsy. This is a disorder of movement appearing in the early years of life. It is due to damage or failure to develop normally in a small part of the brain controlling these activities.

Cerebral palsy takes many forms- in fact no two spastic people are exactly the same. Some are less affected that they have no obvious disability. Others may be clumsy in their walk or they may have difficulties with their limbs or with muscles that help with speech. Some are even unable to stand or sit and thus, are unable to do even simple things for themselves.

– Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & FT


Imagine that. Life is surely more difficult for spastic children.

The volunteer griped, “I lost some stickers already. I give them & then some people just take and then they walk away. I also couldn’t chase them.”

“Don’t give them 1st mar,” we advised him.

“If give something to you, you would take a look at it 1st mar,” he reasoned.

Spastic Children's Association - the top
Spastic Children’s Association – We Need Your Support sticker

“Yeah but some people don’t read it and just throw it away later,” I knew coz I had worked as a promoter at PC Fair before. People just take whatever that is being passed coz it’s FREE. Then, after they had glanced through it and didn’t find anything related to them, they would throw it to the floor or the overflow rubbish bin. And people who are passing leaflets, brochures, whatever would try to market the product/services to as many people as possible so there’s not much discrimination unlike promoters for luxury goods and fragrances.

The sticker is like a receipt.

We passed the sticker back to him coz we don’t paste anything on cars anyway. He said, “Nevermind, you keep. The receipt has digits. Some people buy lottery.”

Spastic Children's Association - lucky 4 numbers
Spastic Children’s Association – lucky 4 numbers

I bought the number for 2 days but I didn’t win any. Huh.

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