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Free trial

I finally got my 1st facial customer! :) Today, we had more people dropping by and agreed for free trial of mask/brief facial.

Yesterday, Jas told me to apply mask on the nose was enough. Today, when she came out from the department store to the fair (outside) where I am based, after I had applied mask on my 3rd free facial customer, she told me, “You should apply more to outside.” She fingered the area surrounding the nose.

As far as I know, that’s the cheek area. Well, why didn’t she tell me so yesterday? Why in the 1st place, she didn’t teach me where and how (direction of strokes, how thick, etc)? Some companies have their own philosophy. Some say, “Must stroke down when using toner because you want to close the pores.” Some say, “Must stroke up when you clean your face using cleanser because the dirt gather at the bottom of the pores.” And some say, “Circle clockwise so that your skin won’t sag.”

I don’t know if those rules are utter bullshit or effective.

If I thought working at my previous retail sales for clothes company’s break schedules sucked, now it’s even worse. Jas can stand without eating the whole day (10-10). She said, “Diet.” She’s still in that size since I knew her. She being the senior should start the conversation for or at least arrange our lunch/dinner schedule. To say that she has lots of room for improvement in time management, leadership and training is not exaggerating.

Today, we had all staffs working from 10-10. Nobody ate at 12pm. The 1st person started to eat at 2pm (me).. then I was supposed to eat at 6+pm but then Jas wanted to have coffee with another promoter. She said, “Very fast one. 15-20 minutes drink only.”

Yeah, right. I knew she was just saying it but she wouldn’t abide it. She’s a calculative person. She told me, “If you come early, you can go back early. Today I’m going back at 9.30. I came 9.30 this morning.” The shift is supposed to end at 10pm. Not 9.30pm.

Later she told me, “You eat at 7 lar.”

Since I wasn’t hungry then, I agreed. But by 6.30pm, I was getting realllly hungry!

If I were still working at previous company, we would’ve discussed about this before 12pm – the 1st possible break hr.


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