Sales Assistant – 2 – applying for it

To get a job as a Sales Assistant, usually you can contact the: outlet and ask if they need any staff. headquarter of the brand to enquire about vacancy. All shops have a Supervisor or Branch/Shop Manager. If you are interested in management position, it’s better to apply through HQ for a trainee position than… Continue reading Sales Assistant – 2 – applying for it

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Sales Assistant – 1 – skills needed

A lot of people think (on the field) Sales is harder than (insite) Sales. Onsite means it needs you to travel around which maybe sheltered by a building or not (think discussing deals in a open air mamak stall). Insite or retail is based on shops and shopping malls where you work under a building.… Continue reading Sales Assistant – 1 – skills needed


Emotional outbursts, courtesty of Jas

I had reached the department store’s storage area for staffs at 11.55pm and when I walked into the department store, I saw Jas & MatureBabyGal sitting facing & were talking with each other. I didn’t walk over to them. I really didn’t want to see Jas anymore than I had to endure till my last… Continue reading Emotional outbursts, courtesty of Jas