Emotional outbursts, courtesty of Jas

I had reached the department store’s storage area for staffs at 11.55pm and when I walked into the department store, I saw Jas & MatureBabyGal sitting facing & were talking with each other. I didn’t walk over to them. I really didn’t want to see Jas anymore than I had to endure till my last day of work under her company.

So I walked straight to my counter at the promotion area. By right, when I wasn’t in at work, 1 of them should be at the promotion counter. They are the permanent staffs of the company in this department store. They should be more responsible of their counters. Since their company joined the fair for a week, they have to manage both counters – original counter and the 1 at the fair/promotion.

After 1 hr +, MatureBabyGal came over and said, “Jas thought you didn’t come to work today ahh… We didn’t see you come in also.”

I asked her, “Then why she (or you) didn’t come out earlier?”

“A lot of customers ma..”

Ha. If Jas really thought that, why didn’t she call my handphone or someone come out to this counter so that there’s at least someone to serve the potential customers? And why after 1hr + only MatureBabyGal came out? Really that many customers? I didn’t even see any customer when I came in!

Monday Dec 4, 2006

Don’t count on anything or anyone today. Do for yourself and forget about promises others have made. You must be careful how you handle others, both professionally and personally. Emotional outbursts can be expected.


– Daily Horoscope (Dec 4) for [me]


Later, Jas walked over and asked loudly, hands crossed below her chest, “Why didn’t I see you? What time did you come?” She was like accusing me.

“I came in at 12 already ler! I saw you two chatting. Why? I must go to your counter 1st before coming here meh?” I retorted her. “(Since they were soooo busy chatting) I came here directly.”

I was so bored to death. Nobody expressed interest in having facial. I didn’t ask every passerbys like what I did on my 1st day. Besides, we didn’t have any brochures left to pass.

So I walked around the promotion area and chatted with 1 of the part timers for another skin care brand. That was when Jas came out and shrieked from far, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE? SO FREE WALKING AROUND CHIT CHATTING AR? WHEN MANAGER COME, WHO IN CHARGE OF THE COUNTER HAR? HIRE PART TIME FOR WHAT? WALK AROUND AR?”

Actually I wasn’t sure she shouted all these but I heard some of the words.

Of course, she was shouting in Cantonese.

So I walked back to my counter. Actually the distance between our counters in the promotion area is about 10 steps.


I nodded.


I saw there were about 5 pieces of cotton pads. Enough for 1 facial. I opened the cupboard to add more cotton pads. There were also some brochures which we displayed on the table but this time, when I reached here, the brochures were kept in the cupboard instead of being displayed. Don’t ask me, I didn’t setup the counter this morning. Either Jas or MatureBabyGal setup since they are working 10-10 this whole promotion duration. I asked her, “These want to put outside or not? When I came, there was nothing of these outside.”

“Put outside. Display for manager to see.”

Har har! Not to show the products to the potential customers but to show to her manager. :)

From that moment onwards, whenever I was bored or felt the hatred brewing for Auntie Jas, I stood where I could see a bit of her counter inside the department store. She had gone over to next 3 counter’s area to chit chat with the other brands’ promoter.

Then I remembered, last weekend, she herself told me that a woman would come over for facial. Then she went back inside. When the woman came to my counter, I had to go inside to get Jas. I couldn’t find her in her counter. MatureBabyGal was with another customer so I didn’t disturb her but looked around for Jas. She was at another brand’s counter, chit chatting with her body’s weight leaned over the glass table.

When I had finished my shift, I went over to her counter.

“Tomorrow you 12 ah!”

“I will come lar. If I don’t come, I’ll call you,” I assured her.

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