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Sales Assistant – 1 – skills needed

A lot of people think (on the field) Sales is harder than (insite) Sales. Onsite means it needs you to travel around which maybe sheltered by a building or not (think discussing deals in a open air mamak stall). Insite or retail is based on shops and shopping malls where you work under a building. Both have their benefits and disadvantages.

I’m going to disclose another part of the working hours as a Sales Assistant for fashion retail outlets which I hadn’t blogged before. As I add more tips and tricks, I’ll backtrack the links.

Most of the requirements for a Sales Assistant (SA or Sales Ass ;)) are:

  • good communication skills with staffs and customers (preferably in Bahasa Malaysia, English and a local dialect). You’ll meet some difficult or irritating customers
  • after PMR/SPM/STPM although some companies prefer their staffs with Diploma
  • polite, helpful, courteous manner
  • enjoy working with people (or animals if you work for a petshop)
  • neat appearance (we can cheat this)
  • able to deal accurately with money (if the job incorporates being a cashier)
  • willing to work as part of a team yet independent
  • forget there’re Public Holiday and weekends

For companies that have lots of stock or big, heavy items, they may require a strong staff. That’s because although there are drivers/office staffs/delivery guy to send and transfer out stock, sometimes you may need to move the stock yourselves – especially when customer requests a different arrangement in a furniture shop. Working in a computer shop also needs lifting CPUs, Servers, big printers, etc.

More often than not, there are several shifts that you can (or cannot) choose. For shopping malls, there are these major shifts:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening – usually for part timers
  • Weekend – usually for part timers

Opening hours for shopping malls are 10am-10pm but some companies like Jusco opens from 10am – 10.30pm. Hypermarkets usually close later than 10.30pm, sometimes up to 11pm if there are customers still hanging around.

Although officially it may state that the closing time is 10pm, some outlets do lower their doors half-way or 3/4 way before 10pm to show that they are going to close soon – and to prevent last minute customers. To the shoppers, they would feel that the SA are a lazy bunch and always thinking of going home early. But bear in mind that most SA start work way earlier than the shoppers start shopping. At the end of the shift, most SA would feel tired, especially those who cannot sit or have lots of brain/physical work.

Besides that, a lot of companies like Giordano, U2, MNG, PDI allow 1 day off if you work 7-8hrs daily in a week. Some companies require staff to work 42hrs or 44hrs and some even 45hrs per week. However, some brands like Gucci and LV allow 2 days off but you need to work more full shifts (10hrs). That also depends if there are enough staff. If there’s not enough staff in that outlet, you may have to work a whole week scretch without break (off/rest day) and then still work the next week. Don’t even think about applying leave for holiday..

That said, one must be strong and healthy to work as SA. :)

One thought on “Sales Assistant – 1 – skills needed

  1. i thought this was a good short artical as it told me what i needed to know as the basics for my school project(: thanks xx


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