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Sales Assistant – 3 – salary

Not all SA’s $ are equal.

Money in the pocket (combination or either 1):

  • basic salary (fixed salary every month)
  • allowance (transport, food, grooming)
  • commission (tier rate – the higher you achieve, the higher percentage of commission you get; flat rate – doesn’t matter how much you’ve sold, you’ll still get 0.5% for all your hard work; combination of both – normal items and best buys/discounted items may have different rate. All companies prefer to sell normal priced items than discounted items so the commission rate is higher for normal items than sales items if the company practices combination rate)
  • OT (Over Time). When you’ve worked your agreed working hours (in your letter of employment), should you work extra hours, the company MUST pay you OT (usually 1.5 x hr salary) if your basic is below RM1500.
  • more money. Not satisfied? Work on major Public Holidays (PH) like Merdeka (Independence Day), Labour’s Day, own state Day, Raya, CNY. Your company should pay you double/triple/allowance or at least another leave day.

Some companies also give reward for remaining loyal to the company (even though he/she may be stuck there because he/she is too terrible to find another job) by increasing the pay – through quality or quantity of years with the company.

Frequency for salary raise also depends on the company/department. In 1 of the companies I had worked before, the evaluation was done every 6 months even though the previous manager had evaluations done every 3 months. So some of my seniors had salary increment (albeit not as much as our 6 months increase) every 3 months. Different manager, department, location, etc may have different budget.

If the company is stingy or has already allocated a certain amount of budget used for extra curricular activities (party, lunch, sports, entertainment), then salary increment would need a longer duration.

Sales Assistant – 4 – Management Trainee

When I worked at my previous retail company as SA, I didn’t know there was such a position as a Management Trainee (MT) in retail shops until someone came for training. She had the same level of education as me, maybe lower coz I’m a Bsc (Hons). :p

Once the MT is confirmed as a permanent staff, usually they are automatically promoted as Supervisor, Assistant Manager or even Shop Manager – thus, higher power and pay. Of course, more responsibilities.

If you have a cert/Diploma/Degree, I would advice you to apply as a Management Trainee – if you are interested in management in the 1st place.

As a MT, you get to be Jack of All Trades. However, if you want to learn more deeply, it’s better to start from the bottom. Most MT do not learn and experience as much as SA on the field, so they are not that efficient in handling issues presented by SA unless they themselves have gone through it or understands the big/specific picture. Still, if you are a good staff, you would learn as much as you can – in every and any level.


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