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Breast Screening

Breast screening (EIS) session organized by our group in Hong Leong.
Date : 9 Dec (Saturday)Time : 10 amVenue : Either the Hong Leong office in PJ (uptown) or KL (Jln Raja Chulan) >> To be confirmedPrice : Normal price is RM120, we managed to negotiate for a special rate of RM50.Suitable for ladies age 15 and above.Unlike mammogram (which could be painful), this form of screening is simple yet effective. Results are given on the same day.

Breast Screening by Electrical Impedence Scanning (EIS)

Last Sat, I had replied my friend that I wanted to go for this breast screening. But later that night, I wondered if I should waste spend RM50 on breast screening. I had done x-ray for lungs when mom was diagnosed with TB and I was cleared of TB or any problem then. But that was about 1yr ago.. and could x-ray detect any issues with breast? I figured it could… but no harm going for this screening just for my peace of mind. 1 of my distant aunt has recurring breast cancer and 1 of my grandaunt had passed away from breast cancer years ago, not to mention another distant uncle who had throat cancer.

I was late. I thought there was only screening. There was a talk going on! I was unsure when I reached the office because only about 15-20 people were around and they were inside the room! I thought there would be thousands of people like the HLA tea-talk – How to dress for success.

I registered and filled up the form, then went for the breast screening while the talk was going on.

There was a Malay woman in uniform with a laptop and a semi-globe device with a wire and cylinder thing on the makeshift bed.Estee Lauder & Borders - For Good Breast Health

“Take off your clothes and bra, then wear the robe,” she pointed to the black robe.

“Open at front or back?”


She turned back to her laptop for my privacy.

“Lie down on the bed.”

The procedure:

  1. Check breast and armpit using hands
  2. Applied water on breast
  3. I hold the cylinder thing
  4. She press the semi-globe on breasts to check – it wasn’t painful
  5. The images (7 layers of breast) are displayed onto the laptop immediately.

“Ok, done. Your breast is very dirty,” she said.


“Your breast is very dirty.”

I wondered how…? How to clean it then?

“Very healthy.”

Ooo, she meant “healthy”.

I was cleared. *Phew* Haha.

The staffs from the breast screening device explained on the breast health rating and how to prevent breast cancer:

  • massage breast, armpit & lymph nodes area everyday – love yourself if you don’tEstee Lauder & Borders - Raise awareness for Breast Cancer have someone else to massage for you heheh
  • drink lots of water
  • manage stress & hormone
  • self examination every month
  • eat more fruits, fibres
  • wear suitable bra

Then I went inside the small room to hear the talk. Projected on the screen was pictures of breast cancer, layers of breast, how the machine (EIS) works, etc. Ewwww on the advanced breast cancer.

1 thing that a lot of people don’t know is that breast cancer starts from OUTSIDE, not inside the breast! I was among the blur case people! I thought breast cancer starts from deep inside.

So it’s extremely beneficial to do self-examination about 7 days after finish period because you can detect it when it starts! Think of the life you can save!

We got a bookmark from Borders & Estee Lauder – friends’ manager took many.
Actually, if a guy has breast cancer, it’s even more dangerous because they can’t cut the cancer much unless the guy has lots of tissue @ chest. So, guys, go demand that insurance companies include breast cancer in your personal plan. Come to think of it, breast cancer should be under every gender’s life insurance plan, not by sex.

After the guides on prevention, the guy from HLA showed us the insurance plan for Female Protection Plan.

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