Benefit Cosmetics

I had the opportunity to play with Benefit Cosmetics – recently launched in Malaysia :) Some of the – actually all of the write ups about their products are cheesy, not to mention self-praising. If you’ve seen the booklet, you know what I mean. I like their naming conventions though. I tried: lemon-aid Lemon-aid worked… Continue reading Benefit Cosmetics

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Ways to increase positive exposure at shopping malls

I no longer work as the part timer but there were some things I noticed to get maximum and positive exposure. People with answers & solutions  There must be someone, with knowledge to answer customers questions and demonstrate how to use the products as well as sell, at the counter at all times. If the… Continue reading Ways to increase positive exposure at shopping malls


A group of muscular guys together

While standing and passing brochures to passerbys at the promotion counter, I saw a group of happy-go-lucky muscular guys walking in a group. They looked like they were on holiday here but goes to gym a lot! The promoters for the fragrances gawked at them, some with saliva dripping, hips out. :D Guys eyeing guys.… Continue reading A group of muscular guys together