A group of muscular guys together

While standing and passing brochures to passerbys at the promotion counter, I saw a group of happy-go-lucky muscular guys walking in a group. They looked like they were on holiday here but goes to gym a lot!

The promoters for the fragrances gawked at them, some with saliva dripping, hips out. :D Guys eyeing guys. 1 of the guys (promoters) even blinked coyly at them as the muscular guys passed by.

1 of them walked inside the promotion area and picked up a fallen balloon behind my counter. The other guys laughed at his childlish antics, “What are you gonna do with it?”

“Just play,” he shrugged his shoulders non-chalantly and sauntered over to his gang. He pulled the string holding the balloon and then, a moment later, I saw the balloon was held by another young boy.

Ah.. carefree guys. Wished I were on holiday travelling with my frens too..

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