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Ways to increase positive exposure at shopping malls

I no longer work as the part timer but there were some things I noticed to get maximum and positive exposure.

People with answers & solutions 

There must be someone, with knowledge to answer customers questions and demonstrate how to use the products as well as sell, at the counter at all times.

If the only person available has to be away for nature calls or emergency, there should be a sign or someone else to replace that person. No matter how good is the product, if the staff is unsure or not available, customer would go to another brand.

Only loyal customers (or desperate) would come back if there isn’t any staff earlier. Customers think, “Fine, if there’s no one to take my orders or serve me, I might as well go to other brands/outlets with service.”

Information / Updates displayed

Humans are such visual creatures. We capture pictures, then text.

Talkers and posters announcing the promotions and sales would attract attention. Not all customers are brave enough to ask the promoters what promotion is available. Of course, the talkers & posters must be eye catching and relevant, positioned at the most visible place – the eye level or higher. No point printing talkers but place them on the back of the products.

Are there enough brochures to pass around? Placing brochures at own counter and cashiers as well as information counters works. While customers are queuing, they fiddle things and look at brochures.

Customers perception on company

Advertisement and marketing do influence your customer base. Brother’s products are strong and reliable yet their products are not as famous as HP and Canon. Your models influence too. A famous person is more likely to pull his or her fans to buy the products as well.

It’s why cosmetics and fashion brands clamour celebrities, especially nominated actors & actresses to wear their products to Awards event. Diehard fans are likely to buy products endorsed by their favourite idols.

    5 thoughts on “Ways to increase positive exposure at shopping malls

    1. One thing I meant to ask … no actually 3 things.

      First, what kind of training is provided to sales personnel? I find good sales personnel are really lacking in Malaysia although occasionally encounter some really good ones.
      This is often what happens:
      Me: (picks up a jar labelled “eye cream”)
      Sales personnel: Ah yes miss, that is our eye cream.
      Ah evidently so, I can read thank you very much.
      Me: What is the SPF on this one?
      SP: Ahh ……. wait ah ….. (consults someone else, presumably her superior – sometimes I get an answer, sometimes I don’t)
      I think in general customer service and product knowledge is extremely underemphasised in our country. And I really don’t blame the sales personnel if they aren’t provided proper training.

      #2 – why do some sales personnel (especially at higher end boutiques) have to act all snooty as if they own the boutique? Again, this is a generalisation because I acknowledge there are some very nice and helpful ones and I ALWAYS go back to them. Being nice has it’s rewards, especially if you’re commissioned. Yesterday I had a very helpful and friendly sales personnel helping me at MAC cosmetics.

      Finally, why are potential customers only given “samples” AFTER they’ve purchased the full sized version of the product? Sample means …well, sample! In other countries, samples are really given out for trials.


    2. Some sales personnel get training BEFORE they start work while some get to learn while issues come up or whenever their seniors are free to teach.

      I used to feel annoyed when the sales personnel couldn’t answer my questions but I can’t say it’s totally their fault. Since a lot of companies hire a lot of part timers/temps during sales time – when most of us shop.

      These ppl don’t get as much training as during non-sales time, reasons (among them):
      – more products to prepare for sales
      – different pricing
      – stress from customers asking from all directions

      Still, some ppl really suck at providing service!

      But some are really good, giving beneficial advices and alternatives.

      Soo.. how many cosmetic products did u buy @ MAC? ;)

      Some brands do give samples before u buy like Clarins and I read somewhere.. forgot which brand. I noticed that too – companies in Malaysia rarely give samples unless it’s in a contest or launch.


    3. I was in a rush and only got the thing I really needed – eyeliner. Technakohl liner in Graphblack. I was actually very interested in the Fluidline (so many interesting colours!) but didn’t have time to try and see if I’d be successful at it. I have very unsteady hands.

      Yeah I guess it’s frustrating for the sales personnel because they can’t answer due to lack of training and frustrating for the customers also. :(


    4. I am amazed that MAC has so many loyal customers. I thought only RuPaul and drama queens buy MAC ;)

      The last time I saw MAC had promotion for new launch, the whole area was swamped with their customers! It’s great that MAC’s doing charity too.


    5. Haha I don’t blame you MJ. I used to think that to but I bless the day I gathered my guts and walked in! They have fabulous stuff. If you love vibrant colours, MAC is perfect. Some people swear by Bobbi Brown. Although I have nothing against it, their colour schemes don’t really suit me. They have more of the stuff to create the “natural” look … earthy tones and all that which makes me looks pale /washed out because I’m pale and fairskinned. Stila is not as vibrant as MAC but still has colour. So I always go for either MAC / Stila.


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