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Right 4U Cafe

After paying for 2 books at Big Bookshop clearance sale, we were undecided where to eat. In Atria, there are Delifrance, KFC and … I don’t know what. I said, “KFC ok?”

“OK la.”

“Err.. got McD’s?”


KFC didn’t look appetizing then. Lynnee suggested, “There’s 1 place where the food is for your blood type.”

Ooo.. like Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo – Allergies: Fight Them with the Blood Type Diet ?

Yes… there was only 1 table occupied and we looked at them, they looked at us when we came in.

The waiter, possibly from Bangladesh or India, passed menu to us and then another waiter passed another “complete” menu to us.

Maybe Lynnee’s going to post the pictures of the food using her camera..

I checked out the beneficial food for B. Uh, not much variety. I noticed there was a tiramisu cake without any comment for blood type. Possibly it’s BAD for all blood types but they must have a cake, right? ;)

I had the small tiramisu cake and Spaghetti Bolognaise in chicken flavour. Spicy – lots of pepper and garlic in Spaghetti Bolognaise. Eat your heart out, Vampires! :O
I prefered Lynnee’s cheesy Fettucini Carbonara..

Uh, actually, according to D’Adamo, chicken is 1 of the bad food for blood group B. But I didn’t want to eat the Fish & Chips..

There are pillows on each table! I saw a girl hugging the pillow while chatting with a guy. But it seems the chairs are more to sit and eat than lounging holding pillow.

Didn’t manage to read all the magazines I took, it looked like it was going to rain earlier and Lynnee had to prepare her home for party. I had to go for job application anyway. And shop for CooCoo’s wedding! Dress! Shoes! Bag! Oh, I still hadn’t found M’s present…

Right 4U Cafe

somewhere near FJB & Atria

Tiramisu cake RM4.50

Spaghetti Bolognaise RM7.90

Lunch set (1 dish, 1 ice lemon tea, 1 soup of the day) RM10.90

10% service charge.

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