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Same sex state dance clubs

It used to be there would be no disco in Kelantan and Terengganu.


Nik Aziz Nik Mat, chief minister of the opposition-run state of Kelantan, has said he does not oppose dancing, but couples should not do it and women’s navels must not be exposed, in line with strict Islamic rules, the Star newspaper said on Sunday.

“When dancing is done with the ‘aurat’ covered and there is no intermingling, everything should be okay,” the New Sunday Times quoted him as saying, in a reference to areas of the body that Islamic law requires to be kept covered.

Muslims generally accept that for a woman this means the whole body except for face and hands, while for a man it ranges from navel to knees, the paper added.

- Yahoo! Booze, midriffs banned in Malaysia state dance clubs

In other words, opposite sex should not dance together but Nik Aziz allows same sex to dance together. I presume the reason he doesn’t allow opposite sex dancing together is to avoid the men pouncing on the women or to prevent the women from making the men weak with lust.

So.. that means he allows same sex couples to dance together? Hahaha!


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