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Chasing money back

I had paid SmoothOperator’s gf’s birthday present – a DKNY apple but so far, I had only managed to collect 3/4 of the people sharing the present.

I had sms the remaining people – Ralph & MCL about the amount each of us had to pay. I even personally went over to inform them. Everytime we see each other, they would have convenient insomnia. “Ah, ah, yeah, I forgot. I remembered that day..” Right. So hand over the money you owe me!

When I saw MCL, he strutted over and asked sarcastically while smiling, “Heh, you are still alive ar?”

It’s 1 thing to say negative things to your close friends because it’s like a secret code where only close friends can say that. It’s another thing when MCL said it. It wasn’t funny.

Ralph on the other hand, nodded.

So I asked him, “Do you the money now?”

He shook his head. “I’ll pay you later.”

Had it not been a present, I would’ve just forget about it – just treat it as if I had treated them a free $ lunch. But it’s not.

So, if you know you don’t have enough money to spend, don’t save your face by agreeing over RM20 for a gift is ok. Pathetic.

Maybe I should resort to violence like the ah longs. Heh. YellowPost printed a table of loan interest comparison between bank and Ah Longs. Ah Longs charge 33% interest!

Nevermind, I’ll just treat it as charity. Next time I wouldn’t include their names without their $. That’s why people say don’t mix money with friends & family if you want it back. But if your friend is in trouble, wouldn’t you help?

No worries, I’m a person of peace. Love to everyone! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Sales Assistant – 6 – customer service

  1. Hovering over a customer
  2. Getting too eager to assist customer
  3. Following the customer to everywhere
  4. Introducing several items to the customer

These suck. Nobody likes someone to follow them like a hawk. If the SA is not familiar with the customer, always be polite, not too friendly and touchy or the opposite – aloof. Ignoring a customer is rude. However, when faced with a ruder customer who cat calls or acts pompous, some of the SA I know (including me) pretend not to see or hear that jerk. So, be good and you’ll be treated good.

When a customer can’t get what he/she wants, it’s always good to provide alternatives to the customer.

“I want the black shirt.. Got discount?”

Say, there’s no sale at the moment but there’s promotion. Use it!

“We don’t have discount now but if you get another shirt, you can save blah blah under what promotion.”

Don’t think that you are trying too hard to sell. Most likely the customer would be grateful you mentioned the promotion instead of not.

But what if the customer complain?

How would you want to be handle when you complain something?

Let the customer explain and ask more questions to clarify. Confirm with the customer using your own words.

Verify if what the customer complain actually has truth in it. Some customer just want to make a big shout to get more. Like a local department store – they give vouchers to anyone who complained to the Customer Service Department. Another department store definately would say NO to bad customers. If you work for the former, don’t hope your ass is covered.

I totally disagree with customer is king or customer is always right. However, tact is always good when dealing with complain. Perhaps the customer misunderstood. Or the SA.

Sales Assistant – 5 – work it

I’ve heard of Sales Assistant watching movies whole day and earn big bucks. They drive bigger cars, wear expensive clothes when they sell illegal stuff. But if they are caught…

Depending on which company, even which outlet and your environment (from people to working area), some sales assistant have it hard. Like all jobs, it depends on how responsible you are actually. If you are lazy and ignorant, no matter how much work to be done, you’d still complain while shaking leg, “So boring, there’s no work to do.”

I’ll break the post into:

  1. start of the day
  2. meetings
  3. check stock (i) incoming
  4. check stock (ii) for customer
  5. end of the shift

start of the day

  1. cleaning and tidying up the display area
  2. checking leftover tasks from yesterday
  3. replenish stock
  4. contact PIC for getting more stock

If the company uses online or has a computer system (Biotherm uses notebook, Giordano has flat screen monitor attached to PC), SA would login.


For updating and a chance to release pent-up frustration, bigshot Managers have meetings – monthly, weekly, etc. This is a good chance to voice out suggestions and feedbacks to everyone. When every staff get together, it would only be beneficial if everyone takes active part in it. And sincerely.

The 1st thing that I thought when someone told me there would be a meeting for all staff was, “When.” Timing to have the meeting is important. As SA work long hours, SA get very few hours to themselves. The timing must be when EVERYONE can meet up – which is tough because there are usually more than 1 shift. So the solution would be to meet up outside working hours. But what can the non-working SA do in the meantime? Go zzz.

Next question, “Got free food?”

And what issues to bring up. What to brush up before meeting.

Some meetings include doing presentation of selling your own products. This can be an opportunity to show off how you charmed the pants off the guy customer or a blunder if you are afraid of public speaking.

check stock (i) incoming

There would be chance to check incoming stock. Some companies have different procedures and paperwork if the stock come from warehouse vs outlets, local vs overseas, etc.

SA compare the stock on hand with the DN (Delivery Note) that they receive. If there’s any problem, SA would refer to the person who handled the DN.

After checking stock, 1 doesn’t leave it as deco. SA has to think of ways and where to put the stock for fast & easy retrieval. By colour, design, price, season? Labeling?

check stock (ii) for customer

There will always be some customer who wanted to try, look, touch or buy the item that is not available in your space. So, depending on your company’s policy, do you just refer the customer to another outlet, online or whatever? Do you need to check stock in another outlet? Do you need to check with buyer to get the stock for you and advise the customer to come back when the stock arrive? How to update customer?

Can other outlet’s customer reserve the item with you?

What if it’s an exchange item?

end of the shift

Most outlets clean up the selling area before the shop is closed. Some companies lower/lock the door before it reaches their closing time. Some do not and expect SA to work until the last customer leaves.


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