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Finding missing passport

I needed to find out if my passport had expired and when it would.. Coocoo’s getting married in another country! :O I was shocked. We hadn’t been in constant IM so it was sudden to me.

But I searched my cupboards, mom’s cupboards – couldn’t find it! Where??

I remembered Linda Goodman wrote about finding missing things in Star Signs. The rule is 1 must ABSOLUTELY believe it works.

Say it aloud and then do something else, put the problem out of the mind:

“Divinge Spirit of my Higher Self, instantly – now – lead me directly to that which I have misplaced. I ordain this, under grace. Thank you.”

I felt a bit silly saying it aloud. I made sure I was alone in the room and others were busy with their stuff.

I slept.. and the next day, I remembered this suddenly and felt I should look for the passport in my mother’s cupboard.

She kept saying, “Not there already la.”

I checked another cupboard of hers. It was inside a plastic bag, inside a bigger plastic bag! Hidden among so many documents!

:D Yeay, I found my passport & it wasn’t expired :) Although the 1st place that I looked was wrong, I found it in a place nearby. It worked!

There’s another uh spell? to remember something you’ve forgotten in her book.

Do we dream more after a hearty meal the night before?

I had 2 dreams before I woke up.

I ate biscuits (bad, bad for skin, Blood Group B and health!) as I read Edgar Cayce on Healing before I zzz. I know it was bad for digestion when I zzz after 1/2hr eating 3 pieces of biscuits but my eyes couldn’t keep open already!

Mom always preached, “Don’t eat right before sleep.”

And if we had nightmares in the morning, she would always ask, “Did you eat before you sleep?”

If it’s related, how?

My theory:

Eating right before sleep causes the brain to work even while sleeping. It wouldn’t be 100% effective, thus, causing indigestion. When the brain overworked, it releases stress in nightmares?

So I had 2, maybe 3 dreams this morning.


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