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Resolutions (2007)

How many of us create a list of resolution?

How many of us actually start the tasks in the resolution?

And how many of the resolutions are successfully completed?

As I was clearing To Do’s category posts, I came upon a post almost 1 yr back – Resolutions for 2006.

B > patient, open minded & understanding.

I rarely get angry anymore – ever since I left the apparel company haha! Towards the end of my employment, I got even more .. philosophical and understanding as well as didn’t care so much on the things I can’t change. Like family’s personality. Like working with incompatible people who rule to make things difficult for others. What’s theirs, theirs. Understanding and agreeing are 2 different things. Life’s sometimes like a movie. I hope I don’t become too detached.

Achieve my dreams in career – learn more about fashion, psychology, writing

I would say half, half on fashion. Altough initially I was interested in becoming a buyer (reasons later), I didn’t manage to become a buyer in 2006 but I learnt a lot in retail sales as well as some stuff that buyer and merchandizer need to do to ensure success in a company.

Well, I’m not interested in further studies in Psychology anymore but it’s still interesting to read Psychology articles. And applying it in daily life is certainly a challenge an opportunity.

Writing?! Hah. The only writing I do is blogging. Oh, I write in long form instead of short form. Tat gots 2 count 4 sumthin! ;)

Grow personal business for Mystic Vulcan

Renamed Mystic Vulcan as De Mystic Box. It has more products and included fragrances as well.

Made my t bar higher. [Handwriting University]

Honestly, I didn’t get a car this year.. I worked using Komuter. For now? I still hope to win a car. But if I can’t, there’s always 2007 :)
So. Resolution 2007?

Do it! DO IT!

Your New Year’s Resolutions

1) Get a pet chinchilla
2) Eat more pie3) Travel to China4) Study forensics5) Get in shape with water skiing

What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be?

Genting Highlands – where’s the car?

We walked many floors, going up and down till we were confused but didn’t act confused.

We soldiered on to find the car. Luckily I wore sandals :D

I remembered our number was a double digit, 13 or 14 sth, with F in front. It was in green or blue. Definately not a warm colour like red or orange. And our floor was B3.

Mich remembered our floor was B5. And the number was 16.

Sam remembered something else.

Jean didn’t even try to remember in the 1st place haha.

We were so happy when the car beeped! We rushed to the source and went up. Up more. Why we couldn’t find the car?

It was getting a bit scary. The parking lot on every floor was empty of human, full of cars. Some parts were dark, no light. Then there was the fog. Uhhhh..

At 1 point, I felt something was following us and I was a bit scared. I didn’t want to walk the last! :)

I immediately imagined a white light surrounding us and the feeling of being followed stopped.

Imagining a powerful solid gold pyramid doesn’t work for me – my brain always automatically imagine a woman ghost inside the pyramid (courtesy of a Korean horror movie Unborn but Forgotten (2002) ) which defeats the purpose of having a protection.

Mich asked, “Did you think maybe our eyes were being uh.. closed?”


“Those things ah,” Mich gestured her hand.

“Oh I didn’t even think about it,” Jean said.

I kept my mouth shut on this unlike Hatyai and Bali trip where I told them there was a lingering spirit. No point scarring them when they didn’t ask me if I felt anything.

Anyway, the reason we didn’t find the car earlier was because all of us remembered wrong info! Haha, next time we should take the picture of the parking id.

We walked for 1 hr and only managed to find the car. So :D once we got inside.

Genting Highlands – Starbucks

We rounded the area again and found the parking lot. Surprisingly, the parking lot was full! We found a dark area to park.. a bit eerie. At least there wasn’t any fog then.

Mich announced, “We go to the other side’s Starbucks lar. Sit outside!” She jumped on the spot, “Very cold ah! Very nice ah!”

Jean, the amazing woman, wore a thin sleeveless top with a miniskirt because she couldn’t find any jeans and didn’t want to wear office pants! My goodness! She was going to be an ice stick..

Once we left the warmth of the car, Jean shivered but didn’t want to take the extra jacket in the car. Mich & Sam forced her to take the jacket and she reluctantly but gratefully draped the jacket around her shoulders.

“I want to drink ice blended!” I said.

“Eh, I also uh! So cool!” Mich said.

We walked over to the other side as Mich explained the current construction work going on even though she said, “I haven’t been here for a long time already!”

“Wah, you live here ar?” we asked her.

We decided to sit inside instead of outside. Smokers outside. Non-smokers inside.


I looked at their menu and checked out the latest drink/promotion but didn’t want anything with Nut so I went for my usual drink, Mocha Ice Blended. :) With whipping cream.

Originally, I wanted to eat cake but the cakes were priced from RM10++ so I had a Venti (large) Mocha instead.

Mich opened the window to give Jean cool air. Actually it wasn’t freezing cold since there wasn’t much wind but we were drinking Ice Blended! My teeth clattered a bit when I had reached 3/4 of my drink.

When we had almost finished our drink, we discovered that the room smelled like cigarette. Discovered the culprit sitting at the entrance – smoking. *glare*

The 3 guys – I saw 1 of them was smoking – were in their 30’s – 40’s. Tall but not handsome. Not even pleasant to the eyes. Yuck. RUDE. SELFISH.

Mich or was it Sam? told the staff that the guy was smoking and the staff went over to tell them to stop smoking. There was a NO SMOKING sign at the other entrance.

“They will know it’s us complain them,” Mich said.

“They smoke indoor, they know they shouldn’t. They are wrong, not us,” I said.

“Yeah lo.”

The staff’s talk with the guy didn’t stop him from smoking. In fact, he smoked even more intensely.

The staff should’ve been more stern. Kick them out to the outside. But then the staff was in his teens or 20’s only. Those uncles looked like they were gangsters.

We left after we had finished our drink.


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