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Deleting some posts in Negative category

I know I felt some of the people I know had behaved badly and I blogged about it.

If it were reversed (I made a mistake or a bad deed), I don’t know how I would feel – probably sad, angry? – if someone blasted about it in the www. But if it were true, at least it justified I being complained.

I always believe if there’s a problem, the problem should be solved at the source. Not its surroundings. Like if I didn’t like the way my ex-colleague work in stock leverage, I should tell that ex-colleague myself privately instead of complaining about it to my close ex-colleagues. Of course, hearing the truth about what is happening is always good to keep own eyes open. I should’ve listened to my own advice but I didn’t sometimes. I just avoided some people I didn’t like and I might tell someone about the incident.

So, I’m going to delete most of the Negative posts about my ex-colleagues and friends, maybe family. They don’t matter to me anymore – they have their reasons for their actions.. They being the misbehaviour I perceived. Not the person specifically.

Who knows? Maybe I had been the one who wronged them in my previous lives.

Everyday Karma & The Golden Rule

I think deleting them wouldn’t totally make me a totally better person. But at least it wouldn’t be weighing on my shoulders anymore.

I apologize to anyone whom I had hurt.

Life Positive – Pilgrim’s Progress


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