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Knowing your past, present and future

Psychic, tarot, numerology, karma, crystals..

Different people have different methods in seeing the past (lives) and future. Some use tarot (deck of cards), runes, I-Ching, palmistry, face reading, touching an object that belongs to the person, clairvoyant, etc.

After reading Bruce Way – How to Interpret a Psychic Reading, I thought about my psychic readings and I took out Carmen Harra – Everyday Karma to reread how to tap into the sub-(or un?)consciousness for previous lives.

This was before I went for my 3rd reading.

I was so depressed, feeling worthless from not getting a suitable career in fashion though I never considered suicide. Most of the people my age have achieved something. Me? What can I be proud of? That I can sense stuff? That I can walk in the sun to work? That I had Degree? Some of my friends are already managers, business owners, etc. I don’t have car, house, a title to my job, a boyfriend! I don’t really mind not having the latter but without a happy career, Virgo can die…

I thought for sure I would have a great career in fashion as a buyer soon. Get to travel overseas to buy clothes for company. Being the leader in the fashion industry. Because I trusted my 2nd reading. And I did the mistake of expecting it to come true fast. I learnt my lesson after reading Bruce Way – How to Interpret a Psychic Reading. The trip to Big Bookshop clearance wasn’t wasted. :)

I realised (duh, me!) that it’s just a reading. Not my life’s map. I still can change and make own decisions.

Maybe I was supposed to learn somethings else before I become a buyer so that when I do become one, I’d be very good in it. :)

So I asked a friend working in the department store to take me for a reading. I heard she had seen a good, accurate one.

I wanted to know my past lives as well. I thought I was an Egyptian princess living in the palace, sheltered and fell in love with a warrior from another country, over the sea. Maybe I had been to China, climbing mountains and facing a fierce tiger. Or maybe I had been a black wicked witch.

While I listened to the guy reading my palm, I didn’t know what to believe. I was in shock probably. I got even more depressed and terrible.

I’m going to try another reading soon. The thing is not to trust 100% during the reading. Need to verify it to check if it’s true.

Do you know any good psychic or such people?


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