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Lost and found

After I had left dentist for tightening 2 teeth only (!), I walked over to Bangsar Shopping Center to buy food.

On the way to the small mall, I stopped by Amoshi – an outlet selling ladies wear. The clothes are quite affordable and nice. I was hoping they’d have sale for a lace trim top I fell in love with months ago. No such luck. Saw a really pretty exotic pink Empire cut dress with gold lace at the Empire-neckline (which is below the breast). It was only RM69! When I first saw it months ago, I thought it was gorgeous – somehow it reminded me of Keira Knightley’s dress. Now, it’s still gorgeous but I didn’t buy it.

At the mall, I took a choc milk to the cashier and couldn’t find my wallet! Oh SHIT!

I searched my bag several times, opening all compartments – NONE! :O

I told the cashier to cancel my milk first.

I walked around the supermarket, eyeing the floor and anyone suspicious. I saw a boy sitting near the escalator and he was holding something black. I squinted.. it wasn’t my wallet, just his handphone.

At the information counter, I told the Malay lady that I had lost my wallet just now and she asked me, “Mana hilang?”

“Saya tak tau.”

“Hilang di sini ke?”

“Tak pasti. Baru hilang.”

“Bila hilang?”

“Tadi saja.”

“Ade borang untuk buat report?”

She rummaged through the counter and passed a Lost Complaint Form to me. I included every details I could remember and passed back to her. I told her to call me if the wallet was returned.

She confirmed the contact number.

I asked her, “Ada contact number kalau saya jumpa balik? Boleh beritau awak.”

She wrote BSC’s number on a piece of paper and passed to me.

I left BSC and walked back to the dentist and the shops I had walked in. At Amoshi, I asked the salesgirls, “Ada jumpa wallet hitam tak?”

“Tak ada.. tadi cuma di mana fitting room?”

“Tak ada cuba,” I pointed to the selling floor, “jalan saja.”

“Oh, tak ada,” they answered together smilling.


I looked at the street, drain, corner of the blocks, construction workers.. I tried to remember who had walked nearby me enough to steal my wallet. I prayed that I would find my wallet back.

I *shook head* was really in bad luck mode. I’d have to report police, remake IC, Driving and insurance cards, cancel ATM card and.. the money I had withdrawn! Gone! At least the money wasn’t much.

As I was almost reaching the corner to turn in the dentist’s block, a guy ran over asking, “Are you Ms [surname]?”

“Yes!! You found-”

The Lost & Found Wallet
Please let me find my wallet! Whoever steal my wallet and money will have his/her wallet stolen hmph!

“You lost your wallet.”

:D *Sigh with relief* “Oh, thank you, thank you! You found it?”

“Yes, I was looking for you. I called Pathlab but they don’t have your number. I reported to police already.”

“Thank you! Ah, thank you! Where’s the police station?” My heart beat so fast.

“At the pondok there,” he pointed somewhere near the mall.


“I’ll take you there lar.”

“No it’s ok, I’ll search for it myself. But thank you very much! I thought I had to make report already.”

What a nice guy!

“No need… Your wallet don’t have your number, couldn’t call you.”

“Yeah, after I lost it then I realised that.”

Funny, I did have my number on my handphone under ICE (In Case of Emergency) but I didn’t think of similar thing for my wallet.

We walked together to the pondok police and I asked his name. He’s working there – Bangsar, not the police station :p. I didn’t know how to thank him further, maybe offer discount if he buy clothes at the previous company where I worked?

“Later you double check your wallet. Just now I checked inside got [blah]. In case the police steal.”


At the police station, he gestured me and told the police, “Ni dia punya.” I thanked him again and then he left for work.

I think I must have thanked him 4-5 times.

The 2 Malay policemen told me to sit down 1st. There was a group of Indians making a report. Later, 1 of the policemen told me to go to the back. He passed the wallet to me and I checked all the stuff inside. Nothing missing. :)

I inserted all the stuff inside my wallet and the police asked for my IC.

“Ada laporan untuk sign?”

He wrote details on a book then I signed in the collected column. He didn’t even ask me to say my IC number to him. It’s good that my IC pic looks like me then. :) But anyone who know about a lost wallet and basic description could’ve just collected my wallet since the police didn’t ask for further verification. Still, it was quite fast before I got my wallet back.

I walked back to the supermarket and finally paid the choc milk. Then I informed the Malay lady to cancel my complaint, “Dah jumpa.”

I thanked her and went upstairs, choc milk had never tasted so good. :)

The day before, I was so depressed. After this incident, I knew my life wasn’t so bad. In fact, I’m very lucky to have a lucky star (that guy). Losing my wallet was a good incident that I learnt. There’s someone looking after me from the heaven :D


For handphone – add a contact for ICE (In Case of Emergency). After this incident, I added another contact – it must start with alphabet A or number or symbol so that this contact appear first or last in your address book.

If someone find your lost handphone, at least you can make it easier for the kind person to find who to contact.

For wallet – engrave it using metal or pen that will last. Include a personal card, if possible, that contains contact number or address.

If you are super rich and into high tech, invest in a GPRS tracking device.

3 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. I’m glad you got back your wallet and everything inside but the best thing is knowing that there are still people out there with a sense of honesty and integrity! Humankind still has hope!


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