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Anorexia & supermodels

Tyra Banks said in the rerun of ANTM Cycle 4, “I would love to be the one to change the fashion modeling industry now. But I can’t. You are thin but the industry is strict.” Or something like that. She meant to make it in the fashion world, you still have to be thinner than… Continue reading Anorexia & supermodels


HOPE worldwide Malaysia

As I was walking back and forth between Sg Wang, Berjaya Times Square and then to Star Hill, someone holding a box for donation stopped me.I got the brochure from him after seeing that they had several brochures spreaded on the table. HOPE worldwide Malaysia Programs areas are: HOPE worldwide’s Health Programs HOPE worldwide’s Education… Continue reading HOPE worldwide Malaysia

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CNY desserts

Hot damn! Aghhh! Mom asked me for the 2nd time, “Do you want me to buy any biscuit for CNY?” No self-respecting human celebrating Chinese New Year wouldn’t buy biscuits, desserts, cakes, traditional kuih-muih. In my family, there must be a chicken for the 1st day, another for 2nd CNY. Not to mention other dishes.… Continue reading CNY desserts

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Spam you!

I login to TMNet Webmail maybe 4 times per year since I had it. It’s free once you sign up for any of its services. The newer interface is cooler than the stagnant old style. It loads faster too. The functions are limited. Worst of all, it doesn’t have a spam filter. Even free email… Continue reading Spam you!

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Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

Since I couldn’t bite properly, I have to look for food alternatives. Baby’s food? Na ah. Dog food then? Eeee.. I actually wanted to get the complete nutrition without any flavour but got this instead, Vanilla flavour. It tastes like McD’s vanilla ice cream but creamier, yellowish. Hah? This product is for the elderly? Nestle… Continue reading Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

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Saw post-accident

As we were going home from friends’ belated birthday party, we saw a motorcyclist lying at the road junction, unmoving. He was still in helmet, his motorcycle nearby. We didn’t see the accident happening but all the cars were passing by only. As we passed by the motorcyclist, we all looked at him and shuddered.… Continue reading Saw post-accident

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Tyra’s ANTM & Show

I’m still watching the Cycle 4 rerun since I had missed almost 1/2 of the season when I was working at night. No Astro. Find it repetitive and irritating that Tyra Banks always repeat the winner’s prizes at the end. No guessing those contestants had their practice to arrange their expressions to “Wow, that’s so… Continue reading Tyra’s ANTM & Show