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SNE pill

I broke a SNE pill to apply on my scars on legs and face. The pill is in firebrick red plastic. The liquid inside is like gold.

SNE pill
SNE pills

I’m only using the SNE pill, not others but this picture from its website is in 1 image file

I used my nail but couldn’t make a hole in it. Was tempted to spring out my vampire teeth but then I didn’t want to hurt my gum and the nerves – wearing braces affect its sensitivity. ;)

So I used a scissor to cut just a bit and the liquid spilled out a bit, 2 dots on the scissor. I wiped it on my leg.

Then I had a thought, Oiyo! I should’ve changed my clothes for zzz before I applied this! I was afraid the gold colour could stain my clothes. Too late. Next time..

After I had applied every scar that I could see – I wanted to apply on my back for some pimples but I was wearing a relatively new top! – I rubbed the remaining liquid on my fingers onto my hair. Didn’t waste a drop. Those pills are expensive!

I bought them at uh.. RM180 if not mistaken. It has 60 pills. I was instructed by the ‘upperline’ housewife-beautician-parttimer to take 2 pills per day on empty stomach. I could apply it onto the problematic skin. An old man with black leg from diabetes ate and applied the pill, his leg actually changed to healthier skin in a few months. Miracle?

Not sure about side effects though. Frankly I don’t buy all these Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Selling (DS) stuff but no harm trying once. Except to my wallet.

After applying this on my skin, my skin looked yellowish. It’s a bit sticky, like applying cod liver oil on skin – after all it is made of oil. Not itchy. There’s a canned fish smell though, those dark brown fish?

Whichever come my way

I gave myself 2 weeks holiday and then it turned to 1 month. Then I got a part time job for 7 days for Jas under skincare and I went back to the LookingForJob state. Last year from November till March, I was so busy at work as retail sales promoter for apparels – we didn’t get off on Public Holidays during the almost non-stop sales in Malaysia.

This time, Dec 2006, I was too free and didn’t know what to do sometimes other than blog but I still need to take care of my eyesight!

When BlackHairedGal asked me if I could help out as part timer for a few days at the apparel company, I didn’t want to go back to the company I had left. It was a big step for me to leave and somehow I felt going back to help even a few days would show that I needed the previous company to eat.

Plus, it was a part time job – RM5 per hour, no commission. Permanent staffs get double the pay if the sales good with commission. I felt it was demeaning that I had to crawl back there, what would MCL and ShopMgr think? So I told BlackHairedGal to contact Chimmy instead as I heard he was looking for greener pastures too.

A day later, I asked BlackHairedGal if she had found any staff. She said no.. it was down to 2 staffs for 2 counters for 2 shifts – meaning 1 person for 1 counter and there was nobody to relieve them for break. There wasn’t enough staff at shop to transfer over to counter.

So I decided to help out for 2 days. Besides, I shouldn’t let my ego prevent me from doing something. Getting money is not easy since I think it’s bad to work a few months and if I didn’t like it, I’d leave – especially when well-meaning friends and ex-colleagues recommended me. It certainly would be easier if I didn’t have this rule in my book. And choosing a job that I like, not just for money. Sometimes though, I think getting a high pay job would at least give me a easier life – on the bank anyway but what about happiness and satisfaction? But then, who says one can’t get money, happiness and satisfaction in a job?

The other day, when bro came home and shouted, “You are still using the computer?!”

Then he stopped his tracks. I was wiping tears and having a heart to heart talk with mom. Actually she was doing the talking mostly. I wanted to tell her it wasn’t so but I didn’t trust my voice to be steady.

Later, he came in the room and hugged me. Aw…
Before I go out now, I think how much money I have to use. I ask myself, is it worth it? I read articles online rather than buying magazines, even older & cheaper issues. I know which “friends” look down on unemployed people now. I don’t even watch Wed movie at cinemas unless I absolutely have to go out on the same day.

My job title doesn’t define who I am. It’s what I do in my alive hours that counts.

MSN Karen Datko – I make $6.50 an hour. Am I poor?

Disabled get mobility pledge

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen, who held an hour’s meeting with representatives from seven organisations of the disabled community, said she would speak to the Transport Ministry and the main public bus concessionaire Rapid KL.“I am not saying that there will be visible results next year, but we must have a plan,” she said.“Disabled people must not be forgotten in the transport master plan that the ministry is drawing up now.”

The Star 21 Dec 2006 – Disabled get mobility pledge

To have thorough improvement on public transport and areas, there must be a list of services available to the disabled.

Among them sound for traffic light so that blind people know when they can cross the road – not only at Brickfields where there are a lot of blind people, smooth escalator & railing, lifts, etc. It must be compulsory for developers to include such facilities in buildings too.

I read several interesting and eye-opening articles in Yellow Post by TM Info-Media Sdn Bhd (TMIM), last month about disabled – policymakers should read it.

You can get copies of Yellow Post* for free every Friday at Coffee Bean and Focus Point outlets, Fitness First centres, KL Monorail stations and TMpoints throughout Klang Valley.

* not to be confused with Yellow Pages


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