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Disabled get mobility pledge

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen, who held an hour’s meeting with representatives from seven organisations of the disabled community, said she would speak to the Transport Ministry and the main public bus concessionaire Rapid KL.“I am not saying that there will be visible results next year, but we must have a plan,” she said.“Disabled people must not be forgotten in the transport master plan that the ministry is drawing up now.”

The Star 21 Dec 2006 – Disabled get mobility pledge

To have thorough improvement on public transport and areas, there must be a list of services available to the disabled.

Among them sound for traffic light so that blind people know when they can cross the road – not only at Brickfields where there are a lot of blind people, smooth escalator & railing, lifts, etc. It must be compulsory for developers to include such facilities in buildings too.

I read several interesting and eye-opening articles in Yellow Post by TM Info-Media Sdn Bhd (TMIM), last month about disabled – policymakers should read it.

You can get copies of Yellow Post* for free every Friday at Coffee Bean and Focus Point outlets, Fitness First centres, KL Monorail stations and TMpoints throughout Klang Valley.

* not to be confused with Yellow Pages

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