Where’s my uniform?

I reached shop earlier to iron the uniform which BlackHairedGal had said ShopMgr would reserve for me.

Unfortunately she couldn’t locate the top and MCL took out an old pink uniform for me instead. Which had some ugly patches of yellow stain at the elbow and back. Ewwww.. Dirty!

I didn’t have time to wash the stain so I had to iron it ASAP as searching for the uniform made me late walking over to counter. As I walked to the counter, I folded the sleeves up to hide the stain. Ugh, I could’ve worn my own uniform had I known this would happen.

Apparently, a newbie had worn my uniform unknowingly. I didn’t know what happen that lead to that but I didn’t time to ask.

Now that I think about it, maybe ShopMgr didn’t organize properly – as always. If there were 2 staffs coming in, there must be 2 blouses.

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