L’Oreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence & True Match

L'Oreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence - Maya Karin
CloveTWO – L’Oreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence – Maya Karin

White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence smells like spicy junk food! I like!

This was launched last year and I almost bought it but didn’t. It makes the skin really smooth and mm I love the smell :D The hole is small and thus, I didn’t waste a glob.

Heard it was cheaper to buy at Guardian & Watson pharmacy since they are having promotion now but I tried mine outside Metrojaya where L’Oreal’s promoting True Match.

CloveTWO - L'Oreal True Match
CloveTWO – L’Oreal True Match

I asked the promoter which shade I should use and she recommended N1 (stands for Neutral 1) . She was using that too.

It’s not sticky and oily. At 1st the colour appeared to be a mismatch for my reddish cheeks but after blending with the rest of my face and neck, I didn’t look like I had mismatched head-body. Hehe. I didn’t check the colour under other lighting though. Was busy at work. I should try more shades next time, just to compare.

In L’Oreal’s website – you can choose your shade here. The video (takes time to load though with the undersea cables still under repair due to earthquake in Taiwan) bald guy is cute when he speaks (and moves his head). Expressive guy.

Aishwarya Rai looked glowing in True Match ad for the promotion at Ground floor, Metrojaya (below escalator). That ad is no longer in use in L’Oreal Paris website though. Although all the models/spokesperson for L’Oreal looks great in their ads, they look fake sometimes – too much paintbrush editing and the cropping needs more work to make the pictures natural. See Maya Karin’s pic above?

I squeezed True Match N1 and a lot came out. I streaked onto my dark eye circles and we laughed as I applied and spreaded it out on my whole face. As I applied on my jaw, there was skin coming off! I reapplied the White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence and it was better. I didn’t get more peeling skin.
Mmm.. mayb when my current TDF Light Textured Moisturizer is finished, I’ll try this. Or Olay’s. As famous as Olay is, I had never tried its moisturizers as I heard they are really thick.

80 thoughts on “L’Oreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence & True Match

  1. samia says:

    i want to bye

  2. samia says:

    wats the price of that product please

  3. MJ says:

    White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence is around RM39 at Watson’s (at the time of writing). It’s almost RM58 in Metrojaya. However, Metrojaya will be having promotion for L’Oreal on this coming weekend.

    I’m not sure about True Match’s price.

  4. tutu says:

    hallo there ,
    will i use loreal white perfect day cream & the night one but from the 1st day i gat a big problem on my skin .now sinc i start i have 3 days only
    plssssssss what i have to do stop or what

    • victoria says:

      i bought loreal paris white perfect re-lighting whitening
      day and night cream. I have now applied for three weeks and from the first day i have small skin rashes which make my skin look very bad.Should i stop using.pls guide me..

  5. Hazel says:

    I wanna know the price of this product and ofcoarse I wanna buy and in UAE currency.

    Please e-mail me at : hazel_eye_princes@hotmail.com

    Thanks & regards,
    Hazel Farhat.
    or Call me at 050-4949526

  6. samy says:

    this is my second day of using this cream but ive started getting pimples on my face like red blotches….i am crazy about it and i really want it to work…….its not expired i have checked it……….what should i do!!!!!help

    • Eman says:

      this is my third day using the L’oreal white perfect backage …and I have the same Side effect u had red blotch with small pimples … I don’t care about refund and I stopped using the products .. but I wanna know what happened ?? I mean did the rash go by itself u saw a doctor and did it leave marks … Pleas help me coz am freakin out …

  7. MJ says:

    tutu, really sorry for late reply!

    tutu & samy, you can try to get exchange or refund – provided you kept the receipt. If not, you can tell L’Oreal about your issue and see if it would help you further. Best would be going to dermotologist/skin doc to check if you are getting the pimples from the product.

    Hazel, not selling it in this blog :) Perhaps you can check it at shopping malls and pharmacies at your area or online shops?

  8. […] I myself have a L’Oreal compact I bought in a ‘grey market’ cosmetic shop – ‘Deep- Whitening’ foundation, labeled as such. It wasn’t meant to be sold in Europe but in Indonesia – because […]

  9. LYA says:

    I’ve been using the complete set of loreal white perfect product. For the first time using these product i only bought White perfect cleanser,toner,double essence and night cream. My skin were alright for the first month.Then after a month, i tried w.perfect day cream and sunblock. When i started using the 2 products my face felt sticky and hard to get nice make up.My skin also become oily and sometimes cause acne on my face. Now, i have acne scar on my face and a little bit acne. Can u give any solution of my problem? And what should i use to get better skin. Should or shouldn’t i use w.perfect day cream or sunblock..cause i got really confused which product can i use…TQ

  10. MJ says:

    LYA, sorry, can’t give medical/skincare advices that are 100% cure. Try visiting dermatologists and whatever you do, do not pick your skin on dirty hands and face.

    Try stop using the products 1 by 1 to check which product is causing problems to your skin. If you suspect you got acne from using them, stop them for awhile all together. It could be other reasons than the incompatibility of the products with your skin.

  11. Geeta says:

    I used this product once and I found it very good. Last time I bought it in duty free shop in Frankfurt airport. I am nowadays in cologne and I couldnt find this product in market. Could you suggest me any webaddress to buy online? or any shop where I can order or buy it. i would be thankful for the help.
    warm regards

  12. MJ says:

    Greeta, you are staying in Germany? Did you try L’Oreal’s online website there?

  13. Geeta says:

    Dear MJ
    I tried Loreal”s online website as well. I asked here loreal dstributer as well, the lady said its not distributed here in Germany. I am really confused how and where can i buy this product. I truely appreciate if u could suggest me where can I buy this.
    warm regards

  14. MJ says:

    Geeta, you can try auction or online sites like (global) ebay for people/company that ship to your country or equivalent online sites. Make sure the seller wraps the item safely. You can also post request at forums in your country/Europe.

  15. Anna says:

    I m stay at kuching sarawak. where can i buy the White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence in Kuching?

  16. MJ says:

    Anna, you can get them from pharmacies like Guardian, Watsons (now having promotion too!), hypermarkets, shopping malls, even kedai runcit.

  17. Anna says:

    Hi. Thanks alot for the information. I have bought it at Guardian. Can white perfect deep whitening double essence use around the eyes area? Thanks. :)

  18. MJ says:

    Anna, according to the staff from L’Oreal, “Better not because it’s too strong for delicate eye areas.”

    However, there are studies that companies use the same ingredients from face for eyes anyway: Are Eye Creams Necessary? http://www.cosmeticscop.com/bulletin/081607-full.htm

  19. Anna says:

    dear MJ,

    Hi. I found that got 2 or 3 small brown spot around my eyes area.Do you have any suggestion to remove the spot? Is it deep whithening eye protector can be use to remove it? what is the price? thanks. :)

  20. MJ says:

    Hi Anna, I’ve never used the deep whitening eye protector or L’Oreal’s whitening products for long term – just tested them on skin a few times so I can’t say if it works.

    Heard Dior, Lancome and Clarins spot corrector work well but I’ve never used them. I’m looking for such products too

  21. Usha says:


    I wana know more about this Loreal deep whitening double essence. Please let me know,. will this match my skin I am an India with combination skin type.

    Many Thanks

  22. MJ says:

    Usha, more info on this product, try search in Google with keywords “L’Oreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence” because I can’t find this product in L’Oreal official website. I’m not qualified to tell you if it’ll match your skin – please try it first before you buy.

  23. VC says:


    i’m using loreal whitening series now. But the products’ label didn’t mention whether it is suitable for which kind of skin. Is the Loreal whitening series suitable for all skin types ?? Please advise….. =)

    Thanks in advance

  24. MJ says:

    VC, please check the ingredients if they would help / cause trouble for your skin. You can Google / Wikipedia on the ingredients.

  25. souravi says:


  26. Dr.sara says:

    i have been using white perfect double essence , zooming spot correcte and night cream for a couple of months and the good news is
    that it works forsure. like many aisan girls, i got pimples as well
    with this product but i was witty enough to adhere to an anti acne medication in the mean time and viola! it works, skin whitening combined with
    oxytetracycline has made me get the smoothest withest skin.I take
    two capsules 250 mg twice a day.

  27. Ludydevine says:

    I am confused on how to use these products. I have the Day and Night Cream, the Double Essence, and the toner. Do I wear the Double Essence in addition to the Day or Night Cream or are they used seperately?

  28. cindy says:

    hey.. i want to know where to BUY it…
    nowhere around here sell it :S

  29. Violeta says:

    HI , Dr .sara can you please tell me more wahts oxytetracyline , For me i bought white perfect double essence im using it now for 10 days it smooths my skkin didnt see whitening effect yet but im some how satisfied till now ! I just bought deep whitening eye protector ,becuase i have those dark circles that really become v obviuos when i lack to sleep or before and in my peiod days ! HOPFULLY it work any advice for dark circles girls any good products?

  30. john says:

    i want to bye but iam have no details about purchasing shop.
    help me for shop address in tamilnadu state

  31. john says:

    i want to glycolic acid peel product.
    there you know about shop in india for sale the glycolic acid peel product
    send reply to my mail please

  32. MJ says:

    john, no idea where in India has this product… anyone?

  33. natalia says:

    hi there, ill like to know if white perfect can be use in eye area?
    for dark circles?

  34. rajesh says:

    hi am trying to get a olay soap in coimbatore but i could not get it since 2 years am using it .
    so pl say where can i get the soap

  35. rajesh says:

    pl send me a +ve ans to my mail .
    my mail id is smilegratis4u@yahoo.ca

  36. kadija says:

    I want to know what is the price of the cream in Lebanese pounds

  37. kayla says:

    L’oreal white perfect range is only available in asia and the middle east region if u live in europe try ebay i must say that the white perfect night cream is the best in the range really whitens my skin and its matt so no breakouts in india try going to the big shopping mall department stores most stock it or call the L’oreal india toll free number to find a stockist in your area

  38. ChiQue says:

    Does the Re-lighting Whitening Zooming Spots Corrector from L’Oreal White Perfect should be applied all over the face..??? or just the spots??

  39. MJ says:

    ChiQue, spots only

  40. ChiQue says:

    Thanks MJ.. :)

  41. Deepa says:

    I want to use l’oreal white perfect cream. But is it safe?
    Many have written that they are having pimples and reactions after using this product?

    • EnZee says:

      I have been using it for only three days, the toner, the facial foam and the night cream, I am totally confused on if to continue or not, my skins got bigger red acne styles rash and smaller white pimples too :s

  42. fairy says:

    ive used so many whitenining creams but tey are not effective.one of my friends was so black and suddenly she became fair.her skin is an ideal skin.she doesn’t tell about thet product but i want 2 know if loreal is effective.

  43. Fatty says:

    I use L’OREAL Paris Dermo Expertise WHITE PERFECT NIGHT cream but i don’t like that . Can any of you advise me any L’oreal’s best product for a fair skin .

  44. amy says:

    Hi..is it true that Olay products makes ur skin burns faster under the sun?

  45. jas says:

    will evryone who uses the product double essense get pimples.is it safe

  46. renz says:

    do everyone will face the problem of getting pimples or acnes after using the loreal white perfect products???

  47. renz says:

    is it perfect for asian complexion??will it be worthy or useful???

  48. kay says:

    the white perfect night cream doesnt cause pimples its non-comedogenic(doesnt clog pores)and during the day pick the white perfect day lotion its for oily skin types, the day cream may cause pimples so rather choose the day lotion instead

  49. jas says:

    i used loreal double essence for 2 weeks.My skin is lil brighter now,but not much change in the skin colour.It is causing pimples too and i have stopped using it durung the day time.Will try using it during night(alternate nights).

  50. Saba says:

    hi everyone,well i just bought this loreal perfect white night creme and i been using it for last 3 days only and i intend to continue using it for 6 weeks at least…in these three days,i have started feeling some difference in the overall texture of my skin though its very gradual but my skin looks more fresh than before,basically the dullness of skin is being reduced now,i daily apply it every night now,my intention were never to become white,i have whetish complextion and i want to enhance my complextion and iam much hopeful that LOREAL would do the job,as it is compatible to my skin which is combination skin and it really hasnt caused me any acne problem so far.I would recommend others to try it once,i would re write the review after one month about progress of this product..

  51. jas says:

    i stopped using loreal double essence as it really spoiled my face
    I started getting big pimples with itching and redness.Did anyone have the same experience?

  52. lily says:

    hey does anyone know if l’oreal white perfect day cream works and where to buy it in london?

  53. Deepti Kapadia says:

    I bought white perfect double essence, white perfect day and night cream from alfa shop at irla mumbai.After I applied double essence i got rashes on my face.I stopped using immediately.Then on application of day and night cream i continued to get rashes.Now my skin is become oily and i have started getting pimples and itching on my skin which i never had in my life.This product is said to be dermatological tested on Asian skin.However it doesn’t seem like.Because its a very harmful product as its really has damaged my skin.I am getting myself treated from a skin specialist now to get rid of my pimples and scars.Please advise about procedure to get my money back.

  54. MJ says:

    Regardless whether a product publishes “dermotologically tested”, “will not clog pores” in the packaging, how do we know for sure that the product will do that to our skin? Not all claims by products can be trusted.

    Deepti Kapadia:
    Still, if it’s damaging our skin, we can and should report to the Consumer rights organizations/government. If you just want to get back your money, better bring the receipt as well. Some companies do not have refund but you can complain to the company. If that doesn’t work, you may wanto to bring it up to the Consumer rights or media. Bring pictures of the before, during and after. Keep the product should you need to go to court.

  55. hailey says:

    hi everyone
    i want to know about products wich can lighten the skin on my arms,does loreal w.perfect work on hands?
    and whicj is more effective? whitening soap or whitening cream?

  56. Mark says:

    Loreal or any other whitening product might cause pimples or acne in the beginning, but those symptoms should disappear after using the products for a while. Basically these products try to vanish the underlying skin problems by clearing hidden pimples and skin blemishes; however if you don’t get results after 6-8 weeks, you should stop using the product.

    The best method to apply “L’Oreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Double Essence” is at bed time on a clean skin and without using any other lotion or cream at the same time. We found that Loreal whitening lotion has caused pimples and red blotches for some people due to the Vitamin C side-effects on some skins, so it would be better to avoid it during the usage of other Loreal whitening products.

  57. Mahima says:

    heya ya hi!!
    i seen one advertisment of “WHITE PERFECT moisturizing day cream-SPF15″………..i want to conferm dat is dis suitable for the winters n also help me out for maintaing ma face compelxion…..coz i m really confused dat which product shuld i go for in dis winters…as ma pimples problem is very common hehe….
    plz suggest me………

  58. gowri says:

    Hi, I just bought loreal white perfect deep whitening double essence from guardian. I would like to know the actual colour of both the creams, since when i pressed the tube one of the cream colour is light brownish and the other is white. I m bit afraid to start using the cream since i hv read somewhere that when the vitamin C is oxidised it turns to become brownish colour. Hence please write to me asap whether this cream is oxidesed or what. the mfg date of the product is july 2007 made in china.

  59. VIJ says:

    lorel double whilening after i started to apply it looks more complicated and i stopped. It was giving brownish spot all over my face and chin look very ugly and more aged. i stoped after paying around 14$ i kept in the dust bin.

    it is all useless i think oil of olay is far better

  60. loreal says:

    please tel me the identification of original loreal whitening night cream pack, i am unable to recognize it from the fake one .Is there any particuLAr identification of original cream on pack like logo shape (info on 2nd cap)or any number or any thing that will help to differntiate the original from the fake one
    please help me .

  61. Dania says:

    Does the white perfect double essence , zooming spot corrector really work?

  62. Girish says:

    hey frnds i m little dark i really want to b fair.. bt jus suugest a gud fairness cream bt ma skin is very sensitive since 6 months … pimples n acnes has become a great trouble..in accordance wit dis pls suggest a gud faireness vream for me..

  63. surianna says:


    i’m asian gurlz and have been try loreal white perfect last year.I bought with my friend at gurdian and both of us use it.Unfortunatly it not suit to our skin,it cause the pimple about two month and both of us decide to stop it.Does loreal white perfect work??? ,i dont think it suit to all skin type..

  64. dolly says:

    i wanted to know about the loreal white perfect night creme its been a week ive started using it but after applyin it my skin burns a lil bit especially the eye area can i use it under the eyes??? also can u pls tell me how to use the whole white perfect range?? when to use the toner, when to use the deep whitening double essence, the white perfect day n night creme etc..plz help as i am really confused on how to use the loreal whitening products

  65. August says:

    is the loreal deep whitening double essence available in India?

  66. lala says:

    i have used this products about 3 years. but when i missed or stopped this products for a while, the acne will appears on my face. i wanna know why this happened?

  67. dLa says:

    i’ve been using l’oreal white perfect range when i was 16 n now i’m 23…before using l’oreal, i’ve used clinique which is not suitable for me…then i took sum time off n tried l’oreal white perfect- cleanser, toner, moisturizer…gladly, they work on my skin.my skin type is combination.i love the essence cuz it’s circulate my skin n i apply this at night. when i wake up, i found my face looking so radiant.

  68. Ashok says:

    I really want to buy this dempo snow product, if any know about it plz mail me at ashok_themail@yahoo.com

  69. Ashok says:

    Hi friends im from india, I used this dempo snow product its good but it was bought from singapore but i really want to buy this dempo snow product, if any one know about it plz mail me at ashok_themail@yahoo.com, Is this product is available in india, please let me know…..

  70. Sarah says:

    I’ve been using Loreal White Perfect for like about 3 days and it really doesn’t work, it made my face a whole lot worse i got rashes and pimples(sorta reddish ones) like everywhere on my face

  71. maha says:

    when this product gives noticeable results???????

  72. Fahimeh says:

    Hi there, I have some freckle on my face and want to get rid of them. Would you please advise me which cream is perfect. Thanks, Fahimeh

    • MJ says:

      No cream can totally remove scars or blemish. It takes lots of time and I’m still looking for one.. Fastest solution is laser but there maybe side effects if the doc didn’t do it properly.

  73. Aditi says:

    Loreal Skin Whitening cream the night one sucks big time, i never ever in my life of 24 years had pimpleas on my skin but it does wonders you will see pimpleas just in next 2 days and bad rashes n addition to that white heads wooooaaawwww fuck this bull shit cream i will file a report against this in consumer forum in addition to this dermatologically testing claims is all a big nuianscence i m continously getting my self treated from a skin specialist now ridiculous cream

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