Human rights

Practice on human equal rights to safety

A female was molested by a group of Indian men partying at New Year’s Eve.

Mutiny – Party animals strip girl, molest her in public view
IBN Live – Girl molested | Mumbai cops late

'Gateway gropers' held for stealing mobile
Mid-Day – ‘Gateway gropers’ held for stealing mobile

Mid-Day – Colaba police to probe molestation

How ironic that the event was monitored by many police yet the 3 captured molesters were held not for molesting the woman but for stealing her handphone?! What’s going to happen to the rest of the molesters?

The couple should report to the police and identify the men who took the advantage of the crowd and sexually abused her. It must have been terrifying for her to be overwhelmed by so many Indian men. Not only that, the eye witnesses should come forward to help the police since the police is probing this case too. Could the journalist and photographer have lessen the crime then?

Don’t think that just because someone is dressed sexily, she’s gorgeous or cute that she gets molested. It’s not that. Sexual abuse is always because the abuser feels a surge of power and control, sometimes with sexual release. Why do women in tudung and clothes covered from head to toe raped?

Nita provided 23 ways to prevent molestation but why are the prevention from the women? Why not from men?! Granted, women should take care of themselves and NOT let the men take advantage of them but molestation happens in the 1st place BECAUSE men the molesters commit the crime of molestation!

I disagree on:

5) If you catch a man leering at you or if you hear him make a lewd remark, ignore him. Do not under any circumstances confront him. Not only could he become aggressive, he could have friends.

When I had been the receiving end of wolf-whistle from a security guard at a factory which I passed by, I ignored him the 1st time. I glared at him the 2nd time. The 3rd time, I took out my handphone and took his picture. I walked closer to him as I did this. From that day onwards, no more wolf-whistling on me. If he repeated that again, I would barge into his office and demand to speak with the CEO of the company or kick his crotch.

What can I do if I am a victim of sexual harassment?

  • Tell the harasser that his behavior is unwelcome and that you want it to stop. Say it firmly so the harasser knows you mean business!
  • If the harasser continues, talk to someone in your organisation who could help you; i.e., personnel officer or sexual harassment counselor, employee/union representative.
  • Record the details of each event: date, time, location, what happened, what was said, how you felt, and the names of any witnesses or others victimized by this person.
  • WAO – Violence against women


    If they get free, then they’ll know how ineffective the police is in handling crimes in crowd.

    On another note, I saw a video on the guide to abuse wife in Islam:

    “If the husband wants to use beatings to treat his wife, he must never ever do it in front of the children..” this Bahraini Cleric (2005) said in this video.

    So the husband can beat his wife behind the children, in front of his or her parents and relatives? Clever. No bruise marks? Does he think he’s championing women’s causes by advising so? Why not ban beatings and all sorts of abuse (verbal, emotional, financial, physical, etc) in household, work and country?

    Can the wife beat the husband – without leaving any bruises of course? AND God forbid, not in front of the children but maybe in front of the cat would be ok?

    In the 1st place, if the men and women respect each other, there wouldn’t be abuse. The only way to prevent the crime is to create no criminal.

    4 thoughts on “Practice on human equal rights to safety

    1. The Times of India has reported yesterday that the men how ripped apart the girls skirt will not be charged with a sex crime. They will be charged with trying to steal her cellphone! Nice.


    2. I admire women who do what you suggest – confront the molester. But I wouldn’t do it. Nor would I advise anyone to do it. Because then one would be confronting one guy every few weeks ! It will become impossible to live.
      However I was talking of those who eve-tease and molest. I was not talking of serious cases like rape. With rape you have to fight back.
      And ofcourse in office harrassment as the harrassment is continuous it has to be reported. I was speaking of street harrassment.


    3. Chako,
      hopefully the police and the couple as well as the crowd would provide more co-operation in bring those guys to justice.

      so just ignore it? If such a ‘small’ harassment should not be reported and get justice, how can people be brave enough to report ‘bigger’ harassment like rape and murder?


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