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Preventing sexual abuse in children

Children with learning disabilities are vulnerable to sexual abuse and should be taught personal safety skills so that they can protect themselves.

IN A recent court case involving the rape of a student with disabilities by her special needs teacher which was reported in the newspapers, it was obvious that both the victim and her advocates did not have the appropriate language to relate the alleged incident in an accurate manner in court.

Thus, teaching our children the correct names of parts of the body, including private parts, is an integral component of a personal safety programme. We need to take it one step further by emphasising the parts of the body which are private and which no one has the right to touch, except for the purpose of maintaining health and cleanliness.

The Star 11 Jan 2007 – Preventing sexual abuse

It’s tough to prevent sexual abuse in adults when so many adults are abusing their “so-called” loved ones or strangers. It’s even tougher to prevent sexual abuse in school children and even more so among children with learning disabilities.

A child won’t know what is wrong or right, his or her own right when there’s not enough accurate information and guide on how to prevent, react to sexual abuse.

I know some teachers forbid their students not to speak about sex. It’s like sex is dirty but why are some of those teachers keep on popping babies? Didn’t they have sex? I was glad that I had several open minded teachers. We discussed about sex – the science of it, current issues in Moral and English classes. Actually we discussed almost everything in Moral classes from Form 3 to 5 with that teacher. It made us more aware of the important issues in life.

Sex education is not about getting high. It’s about safety too. Do you want your child to be ignorant about sex till he or she is sexually abused? It could be too late by then as the child wouldn’t be able to recognize sexual or any abuse.

3 thoughts on “Preventing sexual abuse in children

  1. Yes, I certainly agree with you that sex education be taught to children so they may know how to protect themselves from potential predators. They should also not give in to the abuser’s demands and need to have the courage to stand up for themselves. The child’s parents, guardians, siblings, or other relatives have the responsiblity of taking good care of the child.


  2. Josette,
    Sometimes though, the abusers are people close to the children. That’s when strong support system from other good close people, government’s policies make it easier to protect these children.

    Lack of support and attention for them by parents and country? Especially if the parents encourage the kids to work to get money for home and ignore education.


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