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Pimples and moles in face reading

After adjusting my braces, I went to Bangsar Village and browsed read several magazines, including Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty at MPH.

Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty

It featured the cover of Amber Chia (again). You can also see her in pink top with wavy hair, pouty pink lips, smoky eyes and (looks like a very light) a dumbell everywhere in Bangsar for Celebrity Fitness gym.

I actually took this from the shelf to read about the new lasik surgery but got sidetracked as I saw grissly pictures of bloody red tissues uh.. not sure what surgery it was but after the surgery, the woman looked like a stitched up puppet. If you watch The Swan or Nip / Tuck, you’d know what I mean.

There’s 1 article on face reading and I read that location of the pimples have different meanings. I remembered pimples on the eye area means financial difficulties. I don’t need the pimple on my eye area to know I have financial issues now. :p

Crooked teeth means dishonest. So after my teeth is fully straightened, I shall become a honest person ;)

Amazing how much a person is willing to go through for beauty.. It’s understandable if it’s for health but people are placing more importance on the physical these days.

Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty – Diet Pills: A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH

Camior Bar Choc – Bittersweet chocolate

Beryl's Camior Bar Choc - Bittersweet chocolate
Beryl’s Camior Bar Choc – Bittersweet chocolate

I hadn’t eaten dark bitter chocolate for a long time… I thought it was sweet with a hint of bitter. To be fair, this Bittersweet is not exactly bitter since it’s bittersweet but it’s richer than Light Bittersweet.

What’s Cooking America – It’s True – Dark Chocolate Is Healthy Chocolate!
Googobits – Chocolate, Health Food or Hype?

RM2.40 at Bangsar Village

Rating: 4/5


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