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Pimples and moles in face reading

After adjusting my braces, I went to Bangsar Village and browsed read several magazines, including Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty at MPH. Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty It featured the cover of Amber Chia (again). You can also see her in pink top with wavy hair, pouty pink lips, smoky eyes and (looks like a very light)… Continue reading Pimples and moles in face reading

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Camior Bar Choc – Bittersweet chocolate

Beryl’s Camior Bar Choc – Bittersweet chocolate I hadn’t eaten dark bitter chocolate for a long time… I thought it was sweet with a hint of bitter. To be fair, this Bittersweet is not exactly bitter since it’s bittersweet but it’s richer than Light Bittersweet. What’s Cooking America – It’s True – Dark Chocolate Is… Continue reading Camior Bar Choc – Bittersweet chocolate