Malaysia K9 Day

Whoee! Puppies! ♥ ♥ ♥ Malaysia K9 Day Date: January 14, 2007 (Sunday) Venue: Central Park, Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur Time: 8:15am to 3:00pm Admission: Free Open to: All dogs lovers. Owner of Mixed Breeds and Pure Breeds dog and their dogs are all welcome. There are lots of activities planned, including: I guess male… Continue reading Malaysia K9 Day

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Maggi Tandoori Chicken Mix

At Jusco, thinking that I still needed soft food-soup-gravy for hunger pangs in the middle of the night when I’m lazy to cook (which is.. 24×7) , I grabbed this: Maggi Tandoori Chicken Mix After mixing it with yee mee: Yee Mee & Maggi Tandoori Chicken Mix The mix was really that orange-red! I bet… Continue reading Maggi Tandoori Chicken Mix