KFC – Alaskan Fish Burger

KFC – Alaskan Fish Burger

While McD’s more diversified with fish, beef, chicken (pork is available in Thailand & Singapore) and ice creams, KFC has always been famous for its chicken and whipped potato. It’s desserts suck. McD’s is always a few steps ahead of KFC. When McD’s introduce the breakfast meal, did KFC follow? A lot of people had been queueing up during Tea Time Combos @ McD’s for months before KFC have Afternoon Attack at 3-6pm.

McD’s – Tea Time Combos

The current ad claims this has 30% more fish? Compared with what? McD’s Filet-O-Fish?

The sauce tastes like chili sauce. The fillet is thicker than McD’s a bit. However, there’s no lack of sauce or vege in this Alaskan Fish Burger.

I prefer the older fish – Fish Sandwich which was under lower price on Thursday. It h

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