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Onion Club emoticons (updated 201208)

There were the angel cuties for Instant Messaging emoticons. Now here’s Onion Club’s cat (duh me!) Onion (hahaha):

Onion Club
Onion Club (blog) @ http://blog.roodo.com/onion_club

http://www.onion-club.net is in Mandarin

It’s in Mandarin but you can use Google Language Tools or AltaVista Babel Fish to translate to other languages.

I love it!! I even subscribe to the newsletter so that I get updates on the emoticons and add to MSN/WL :D

Onion Club - wave

There’s red and yellow card for football fans!

Onion Club - Yellow card & whistle

Update 201208

There are more features in the website & blog – including horoscope! Choose the type of horoscope you want (like overall, love, flirt) and your Sun Sign. It’s more for teens than others.

Tthe wallpapers are bright, colourful and fun.

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Decoz Numerology

Master Numerologist Hans Decoz, and best-selling author and numerologist Tom Monte, have devoted 2 decades to the creation of the enormous numerology data base that is the largest of any numerology software program.

Decoz software is world-renowned and the best-selling numerology product in the world. Reports produced with Decoz software are not only considerably larger and more in-depth than those of other systems, they are also more specific, more personal and better written.

Free Forecasts, Readings, and Tutorials (450+ pages)
These free programs will NOT expire and you can make as many mini-reports for as many people as you wish. Plus the complete Personal Profile & Forecast reports are as good as any reports from professional numerologists.

    • Free: REPORTS — The extensive Personal Profile & Forecast reports come free with this download and would cost at least $50 on Tarot.com. The Personal Profile Report answers the question “Who Am I?” and provides profound insight into this fundamental question. Your report highlights your special strengths and talents, as well as your weaknesses and how you can overcome them. What’s in your future? The Forecast Report helps you take advantage of favorable influences and avoid forces that work against you. Your long-term cycles, your yearly cycles, and your monthly cycles are described in-detail, with specific and practical advice.
    • Free: SHORT PROFILES — Personal Report Writer; creates 5-7 page reports in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. No limitations. Make as many reports as you wish.
    • Free: CHART CALCULATOR — Creates a complete listing of all the numbers found in a chart.
    • Free: CHART MAPPING — Displays a “natal” chart (also used in our popular E-book and audio course).
    • Free: ZOOKER — A puzzle game inspired by numerology.

Decoz Software
You can download the Free software here @ Decoz

I had downloaded it and the Free Report for Personality Profiles & Forecasts (for the 1st user of that software) is really detailed. In fact, my report (not counting daily numerology for almost 1 yr) in font size 8 Verdana had 30 pages in Word document. And some of them are really accurate.

The report style used is not conscending or berating, it’s more optimistic and encouraging.

Still, it depends on you in the end. Really.

Haven’t tried Zooker though. Reminds me of Hooker and Zoolander.

Oh, you can find lost objects too.


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