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Onion Club emoticons (updated 201208)

There were the angel cuties for Instant Messaging emoticons. Now here’s Onion Club’s cat (duh me!) Onion (hahaha):

Onion Club
Onion Club (blog) @ http://blog.roodo.com/onion_club

http://www.onion-club.net is in Mandarin

It’s in Mandarin but you can use Google Language Tools or AltaVista Babel Fish to translate to other languages.

I love it!! I even subscribe to the newsletter so that I get updates on the emoticons and add to MSN/WL :D

Onion Club - wave

There’s red and yellow card for football fans!

Onion Club - Yellow card & whistle

Update 201208

There are more features in the website & blog – including horoscope! Choose the type of horoscope you want (like overall, love, flirt) and your Sun Sign. It’s more for teens than others.

Tthe wallpapers are bright, colourful and fun.

34 thoughts on “Onion Club emoticons (updated 201208)

  1. hello evryone, sorry, i’m not here to reply anything but I just want to find an answer of my question, just wanna know whos the one that creat this nice emoticons, “talking about this cute cats”


  2. Hi, I’ve a question.
    How can I contact the authors of that smilies, for ask permissions fo use them in my site? Can you help me?
    And.. no, I don’t speak Mandarin language.


  3. Norman, you can email them at emstudio@gmail.com, contact: Ethan

    Hehe, I’m Mandarin illiterate, except for my own name and some numbers. I think as long as you link back to Onion Club for non-business use, it will be ok with the owners and creators.


  4. LOL I can’t believe that’s an Onion, not a cat?! It has ears! I suppose it’s the Onion’s ‘hair’ on top.. but it’s soo cute! I have all of them in my Windows Live messaging.


  5. hehe, no problem. Everyone thought it was a cat.
    Until they saw the name of the character’s name… Cong Bao, or Onion Baby.
    I made a page that shows all onion smilies
    I updates them when ever a new onion smiley come out. To download them all, simply save as the page in your browser, all the images should be in a folder with the same name as the html file.
    so finally people don’t have to go though the entire onion club blog and right click save as for each one.


  6. i cant believe some ppl thought they were cats—thats right, they r onions!!!!LoLzz

    anywayzz—-they r so adorable!!!!!XD
    —————————————-dont u think?????


  7. Hey I loove these little cats!!! Or are they onions cuz i dont know. But whatever they are theyre sooo cute!!! I use them all the time on e-mail!


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