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Tyra’s ANTM & Show

I’m still watching the Cycle 4 rerun since I had missed almost 1/2 of the season when I was working at night. No Astro.

Find it repetitive and irritating that Tyra Banks always repeat the winner’s prizes at the end. No guessing those contestants had their practice to arrange their expressions to “Wow, that’s so great!” everytime she announced that (and the judges, except the guest judge) before handing over the photos for “still in the running to become the ANTM“.

Tubular – Top Model again puts Tyra first

I watched an episode of Tyra’s chat show, aptly called The Tyra Banks Show and she invited Naomi Campbell to have a heart to heart talk about their catfight when Tyra started to get famous at catwalk – and was the 1st Black American to have a cover in Sports Illustrated. Somehow it was a big deal for them but I felt it was just using big breasts and sex to sell. Notice the women in the magazine are either in bikini or naked? Men are pictured in cool sports action.

YouTube – Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell

Hollywood – Naomi & Tyra End Hostilities with a Tearful TV Make-Up Session

So in that episode, Tyra also disclosed the reason she quit catwalk modellling – she was tired of the people in modelling scene criticising her. So why is she now hosting a tv show to find ANTM?

Also, why did Tyra & the judges eliminated Anna (ANTM 2) because she didn’t want to pose nude? Some models don’t pose nude – Yamila Diaz Rahi is smoldering in La Senza ads and at 1 point, in Victoria’s Secret ads too.

La Senza - Yamila Diaz Rahi - Santa's Helper Flannel
La Senza – Yamila Diaz Rahi – Santa’s Helper Flannel

Deeper reasons aside, I love watching the show.

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