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Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

Since I couldn’t bite properly, I have to look for food alternatives. Baby’s food? Na ah. Dog food then? Eeee..

I actually wanted to get the complete nutrition without any flavour but got this instead, Vanilla flavour. It tastes like McD’s vanilla ice cream but creamier, yellowish.

Hah? This product is for the elderly?

Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

Nah. It’s for individuals above 10 years of age. There are different formulas – 1 for above 10 yo and the other for elderly. I’m in the former ;)
The recommended serving is 7 scoop for 250ml. Quite thick and I guessed this needs time to get used to. Maybe 2-3 servings. But it must be consumed within 1 month. The tin bottle has nice colours eh?

Size: 400g

Price: RM25.90 @ Guardian

Rain’s concert

Someone told me the story of Rain, “He was entering contest or something and the judge told him, “You are very ugly. Go for surgery first, then come back and try.” But now he’s so hot.”

“Did he go for the surgery?” I asked my friend. I guessed not. I mean, Rain’s cute – if you like tiny, slit eyes and flat nose.

“No lah! I wonder how the judge feel now? Rain is so rich, famous and successful now. He worked very hard.”


“Do you know why he always poses with shades?”


“Coz his eyes are sepet ma.”

A lot of people (and media) had been claiming Rain’s the most famous Asian artist now. Hype? I don’t know. I didn’t watch Full House. A Love to Kill (showing right now on tv) is dead boring but maybe it was because I didn’t catch the 1st few episodes. I had downloaded some of his albums but only liked Sad Tango.

Rain – Sad Tango [mtv]

He has a great body though. And not shy shy in showing off his abs.

YesAsia - Rain Vol. 4 - Rain's World
YesAsia – Rain Vol. 4 – Rain’s World

Suddenly, another friend asked if I wanted to go to his concert. Got free ticket.

But it was friends’ belated birthday party, so I didn’t go.

“Why didn’t you go to the concert first, then come here?” Another friend was shocked I didn’t take the free ticket.

“Nevermind la, I’m not his fan anyway.”

Rain looks like Ralph, 1 of my ex-colleague in the apparel company. I know Rain did nothing to me but somehow everytime I look at Rain, I think of Ralph.

What’s this called in psychology?

It’s like someone who look alike another person and how much you like/dislike this someone is actually a carry-forward feeling on how you perceive the ‘another’ person. Much like Britney dating a Kevin F look-alike now.

Daily Sugar - Brit's New Man! Us Weekly, Jan 29 2007
Daily Sugar – Brit’s New Man! Us Weekly, Jan 29 2007

Or the song by Usher:
Usher – You Remind Me

You remind me of a girl, that I once knew.
See her face whenever I, I look at you.
You won’t believe all of the things she put me through.
This is why I just can’t get with you.

LyricsAndSongs – Usher – You Remind Me

Back to Rain:
Official Sites: (Korean) | (Japanese) | (Chinese) | (English) | (Thai)

Saw post-accident

As we were going home from friends’ belated birthday party, we saw a motorcyclist lying at the road junction, unmoving. He was still in helmet, his motorcycle nearby.

We didn’t see the accident happening but all the cars were passing by only. As we passed by the motorcyclist, we all looked at him and shuddered. I was thinking, yuh.. dead body. It was the 1st time I saw a dead unmoving guy.

We saw another motorcyclist walking over to the guy. 1 of us said the dropped motorcyclist moved. Uh, thank God.

I called 112 and told the staff about the accident, location, who and his condition as well as my name & contact number – then I was transfered to the emergency line because I answered, “Need ambulance,” when asked. And I was asked the same question all over again. Don’t they have a computerized and GPRS system? Their phone system doesn’t have caller id/number?

Actually I wasn’t sure about the road name but our friend gave the address.

Since we didn’t stop, I had no idea if he was ok or not. What if the ambulance arrived only to find nobody there?

The ideal action would be to stop and assist, call 112 if needed but we only thought of reporting it to 112 (using handphone) and didn’t think of the consequences. Aiyak, got my name and record..

Medical/police staff, what’s the best way to handle such situation?


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