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Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

Since I couldn’t bite properly, I have to look for food alternatives. Baby’s food? Na ah. Dog food then? Eeee.. I actually wanted to get the complete nutrition without any flavour but got this instead, Vanilla flavour. It tastes like McD’s vanilla ice cream but creamier, yellowish. Hah? This product is for the elderly? Nestle… Continue reading Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

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Saw post-accident

As we were going home from friends’ belated birthday party, we saw a motorcyclist lying at the road junction, unmoving. He was still in helmet, his motorcycle nearby. We didn’t see the accident happening but all the cars were passing by only. As we passed by the motorcyclist, we all looked at him and shuddered.… Continue reading Saw post-accident