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Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

Since I couldn’t bite properly, I have to look for food alternatives. Baby’s food? Na ah. Dog food then? Eeee..

I actually wanted to get the complete nutrition without any flavour but got this instead, Vanilla flavour. It tastes like McD’s vanilla ice cream but creamier, yellowish.

Hah? This product is for the elderly?

Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

Nah. It’s for individuals above 10 years of age. There are different formulas – 1 for above 10 yo and the other for elderly. I’m in the former ;)
The recommended serving is 7 scoop for 250ml. Quite thick and I guessed this needs time to get used to. Maybe 2-3 servings. But it must be consumed within 1 month. The tin bottle has nice colours eh?

Size: 400g

Price: RM25.90 @ Guardian

2 thoughts on “Nestle Nutrition Nutren Optimum

  1. I like this product. Let me first start by saying that I do not think this is “the BEST” protein product ever. However, I’ve tried many protein products and this comes rather close.

    In my honest opinion, “the BEST” protein product out there would have to be “Profect” by Protica Research. It’s actually the stuff used by gastric bypass patients. It’s 25 grams…


  2. Hi i would like to buy your product since it’s on a reasonable price. Can I know to whom am I replying to ? You acknowledgement is well appreciated.


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