HOPE worldwide Malaysia

As I was walking back and forth between Sg Wang, Berjaya Times Square and then to Star Hill, someone holding a box for donation stopped me.I got the brochure from him after seeing that they had several brochures spreaded on the table. HOPE worldwide Malaysia Programs areas are: HOPE worldwide’s Health Programs HOPE worldwide’s Education… Continue reading HOPE worldwide Malaysia

Food · Special Occassions

CNY desserts

Hot damn! Aghhh! Mom asked me for the 2nd time, “Do you want me to buy any biscuit for CNY?” No self-respecting human celebrating Chinese New Year wouldn’t buy biscuits, desserts, cakes, traditional kuih-muih. In my family, there must be a chicken for the 1st day, another for 2nd CNY. Not to mention other dishes.… Continue reading CNY desserts